Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday thoughts

An assortment of things from the back of the shelf. Still fresh, though!

  • The Regina Pats gave it a hell of a fight, but their first-round WHL playoff series is going to be won by the Moose Jaw Warriors. Possibly as early as tonight, when game five goes down in the Jaw.
  • There was some crazy stuff in game four at the Brandt Centre. A five minute major in the last ten minutes of regulation time? Double overtime? Wow.
  • In the aftermath, the Pats were hit with a suspension (Dyson Stevenson) and a $2500 fine (Brent Parker). Well, it's certainly made for interesting listening on Rod Pedersen's SportsCage show this week.
  • I, for one, think good talk radio should be confrontational and/or controversial on occasion. Otherwise, why bother?
  • So, with the Leafs eliminated yet again, any thoughts on who I should cheer for in the NHL playoffs? It likely won't be a Canadian team, as I don't care for the Canucks or the Senators.
  • The J-man cheers for the Penguins. That might be one possibility. I have a fondness for the Blackhawks, but I don't see them going anywhere.
  • By all accounts, Riders quarterback Darian Durant is working out like a madman in preparation for the 2012 CFL season. Good to hear.
  • Durant, like the rest of the organization, needs to prove last year's dismal performance was a one-year aberration, and not the start of a downward slide.
  • The NCAA men's basketball Final Four should be some pretty darn good viewing. Personally, I'm hoping for a Kentucky-Ohio State matchup in the final. I've been an OSU fan in football and basketball since the early 80's.
  • At one time my favourite NCAA men's hoops team was the DePaul Blue Demons. What the hell has happened to that program? They were a late 70s/early 80s powerhouse. Now, nothing.
  • As the calendar flips to April this weekend, I think it's time to bring the little roadster out of winter storage. That very act alone probably guarantees snow and frigid temperatures next week - sorry!

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