Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Not much to get excited about so far this week. But when has that ever stopped us?

  • The Jakester. So far, so good as we're into day #4 of teenager-hood. Maybe it won't be so bad after all! (famous last words?)
  • Galaxy Cinemas. Frankly, I expected pandemonium when I took Jake's "posse" to the Hunger Games last weekend. I have to say they handled the crush of humanity pretty well!
  • West Side Pizza. We deliberately ordered too much, in order to enjoy some leftovers the following day. Once again, it/they didn't disappoint!


  • Jeremy Bresciani. He does some amazing artwork - much of it is Roughrider themed - but he really dropped the ball this time. When your website advertises delivery within four business days and it takes 14, that's not so good. Especially when the item is a birthday present. And then not to acknowledge the goof-up? Not so good x2. Hopefully it was just a one-time thing.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs. I am hereby refusing to give a crap about that team until Brian Burke is removed as general manager. Seven straight years (four under Burke) without a playoff berth? Brutal.
  • RIM. I still really like my Blackberry. But it's a little frustrating when all the new apps are for iPhones or Android only. C'mon Research in Motion, pick up your game! Give developers a reason to care about you again.

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Anonymous said...

To the Leafs for not making the playoffs again. We non-Leaf fans won't have to put up with non-stop Leaf coverage from TSN and CBC this spring.
Fred Norris