Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Follies

Santa's coming! Jeez, I better clear out some of these dark thoughts, lest I end up on the naughty list. Again.

  • Sincere condolences to everyone at the Leader-Post, especially the newsroom crew, who lost another friend and colleague this week. This has been a tough few months for those folks.
  • I'm looking forward to announcing the second annual Locker Talk Regina Athlete of the Year award winner on our first show of 2014 (January 7th). We've already made our choice. Any guesses as to who the worthy recipient is?
  • Thank you to the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo for the early Christmas present last Sunday night. If the Packers don't sneak into the NFL playoffs, that comeback win will qualify as the highlight of the season!
  • It'll be tough seeing Keith Shologan suiting up for Ottawa in the next CFL season, but the expansion draft would have been a complete sham if teams didn't have to give up any quality players.
  • Next order of business for Brendan Taman and company: getting some of those 19 pending free agents to re-sign on the dotted line. Not all of them, obviously - but hopefully quite a few.
  • I cannot wait to check out Anchorman 2. 
  • It's time to get a jump on the New Year's resolutions, and drag myself back to the gym this weekend. 
  • However, the healthy eating is going to have to wait a few more days. 'Tis the season, after all.
  • Skinny knit ties are back in style. Further proof that I should have just hung onto my clothes from the 80s. 
  • Well, the ties would still fit, at least!
  • Does anyone else miss rugby pants? Yeah, me neither.
  • In case I don't post anything between now and then (based on this year's track record, there's a really good chance of that!), have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to touching base a little more regularly in 2014!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Locker Talk Lineup for December 17

Here it is, the highly anticipated Christmas Extravaganza episode of Locker Talk - an annual highlight of the programming schedule! The show aired last night, and will be repeated Saturday at noon - along with a few other times over the holidays. Enjoy!

Locker Talk Guests for December 17/13 – Christmas Extravaganza
Co-Host: Mitchell Blair

1. A mid-term report card on the performance of the athletic teams at the University of Regina. Guest: Dick White (Athletic Director). 

2. The Regina Riot is gearing up for a run at the Western Women’s Canadian Football League championship in 2014. Guests: Joe Hadesbeck (Team Manager) & Emma Hicks (Riot Linebacker). 

3. Patrick Palmer, Human Guinea Pig. This month, our intrepid floor director takes on the sport of wheelchair curling.

4. Stuck for Christmas gift ideas for that hard-to-shop-for sports fan on your list? Look no further! Guest: Trent Herda (Owner, Legends Sports Memorabilia).

5. Eng segment. Highlights from the 25th anniversary Balfour Classic high school basketball tournament. Reporter: Pete Paczko

6. The Blair Necessities. Mitch’s weekly sports commentary. 

7. Year in Review (panel). Our illustrious Locker Talk panel looks at the top local sports stories of 2013, and looks ahead to 2014. Guests: Patrick Palmer & Carlo Palazzo (Locker Talk correspondents).

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Locker Talk Lineup for Dec 10

Here's the lineup for this week's show. It aired last night, and will hit the airwaves again Saturday at noon, only on Access channel 7 in Regina. Exclusivity!

Locker Talk Guests for December 10/13
Co-Host: Mitchell Blair

1.  A preview of the annual Balfour Classic high school basketball tournament. Guests: Glen
(Tournament Chair/Balfour Senior Boys Coach), Mitch Jackson & Parker
(Balfour Co-Captains).
2.  The University of Regina cheerleading team celebrates its fourth national championship
in the past six years.  Guests: Thomas Rath (Head Coach), Carly Weisdeck & Alex
3.   Locker Talk Fitness File. For December. With hosts: Daniel Ince & Michelle Espino.
4.  The Canadian Paralympic Curling Team visits Regina this week to take on Team
Saskatchewan in a couple of exhibition games. Guests: Darwin Bender & Robert Capp
(Team Sask).
5.  An update on preparations for the 2014 CIS women’s volleyball championships, hosted by
the University of Regina. Guest: Sandra Morin (Event Chair).
6.   The Blair Necessities.  Mitch’s weekly sports commentary.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Monday Musings

What can I say, I've been a little busy! I shall attempt to blog a little more regularly, but I make no promises!

  • People sure don't let a celebration linger in these parts, do they? The very night the Riders won the Grey Cup, people were phoning CKRM's call-in show expressing angst about next year's team! 
  • Much of that angst surrounds the upcoming CFL expansion draft, and whether stalwarts Kory Sheets and Weston Dressler will be successful in their upcoming auditions for NFL teams.
  • Sure, there are reasons to be concerned (including potential defections of assistant coaches who are wooed by other clubs), but I'm choosing to put some faith in the braintrust of Brendan Taman, Jeremy O'Day and Corey Chamblin. They've earned it!
  • Who predicted Geroy Simon was going to be a factor in the Grey Cup? Well, I did. Check the tape!
  • Oh look, the Ohio State Buckeyes soiled the sheets in a big game! Same as it ever was, same as it ever was...
  • I may shift my college football allegiance. Stanford looks like a program I could get behind.
  • I'm finding that the best way to get over the sting of a (very, very, very) disappointing RMF season is to start making plans for next year. Learn from your mistakes, or be doomed to repeat them.
  • Well, that leads nicely to a look at the Toronto Maple Leafs! I came to the realization this weekend that the Leafs are trying so hard to be (and as a result, beat) the Boston Bruins, that they have no real identity of their own. I'll expand on this theory in an upcoming post.
  • This year's edition of the Regina Pats deserves better fan support. I understand that some fans have become jaded about the product, but these kids deserve to play in front of bigger crowds.
  • 2014 has the potential to be a year of tremendous change, both personally and professionally. That's the plan, at least! So feel free to flood my inbox with offers! :)

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Just in time for Christmas!

I don't know, but I think this might be the new definition of bad timing! Really, really, really bad timing. (Dec 9 edit: Riders' online site was down, but is back up and presumably doing big business!)

No big deal for fans within easy driving distance of one of the retail stores, but I'm guessing there are some seriously ticked Rider fans in outlying areas this week!  Here's hoping the web store can be back up and running in time to meet the Christmas demand that's $urely out there.

Locker Talk Lineup for December 3

Our man Carlo fills the co-pilot's seat this week, as Mitch is away. If that's not reason enough to watch, what is? :)

Here's the lineup for the big show, airing tonight at 9:30 (note different start time) and Saturday at noon. If you miss both air dates, and forget to set your PVR, you can always check us out via Access' On Demand service. Lots 'o options!

Locker Talk Guests for December 3/13
Co-Host: Carlo Palazzo

1.   A legend of professional wrestling visits Regina's High Impact Wrestling fans on his farewell tour. Guests: Short Sleeve Sampson (Midget Wrestler) & Rex Roberts (HIW wrestler). 

2.   A profile of the University of Regina women’s volleyball team. Guests: Desiree Ates & Michelle Sweeting (Captains).

3.   The Campbell Tartans celebrate a 5th straight city high school senior boys volleyball championship. Guests: Calvin Toffan (Head Coach), Ryker Toffan & Ryan Bryden (Players).

4.   Access 7 Sports Plays of the Month. For November.

5.   The Campbell Tartans celebrate a provincial championship in senior girls volleyball. Guests: Barry Leibel (Head Coach), Nichele Procyshyn & Brett Anderson (Players).

6.   Regina Water Polo (RWP) is gearing up for the 2014 winter season. Guests: Dave Boan (RWP President), Keara Boan & Steven Gloade (Players).

7.   The Film Room. Locker Talk sports movie reviewer Carlo Palazzo offers his thoughts on another cinematic classic from days gone by. This time: The League.