Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday musings

Monday? Didn't we just have one of these last week? Blech.

  • As I watch the Penguins and Flyers take runs at each other in advance of a potential first-round NHL playoff match-up, I (life-long Leafs fan) can only wonder what it's like to be excited about hockey in April.
  • No Brandon Davidson or Matt Hewitt? No way in hell were the Regina Pats going to beat the Warriors in Moose Jaw Friday night. Congrats to the W-men on a five game series victory.
  • Did Pats coach Pat Conacher really refuse to shake hands with Warriors' bench boss Mike Stothers at the end of game five? I wonder what that's all about.
  • Congrats to Pats players Jordan Weal, Colton Jobke and Martin Marincin, who will continue their seasons with AHL clubs. I suspect all three of those young men have played their final games in junior hockey.
  • Ryan Leaf has been arrested twice in the past four days. And some people thought the Colts were crazy for picking Peyton Manning ahead of Leaf in the NFL draft?
  • Why was I not surprised to learn Rams assistant coach Larry Mueller was front and centre at the weekend tryouts for Regina's Lingerie Football League team? Or that his good son (and Rams QB) Marc was also involved? The last of the great humanitarians, those Mueller boys!
  • The NCAA men's basketball tournament features Kentucky and Kansas in tonight's final.
  • Ohio State blew a huge lead to Kansas in Saturday night's semi-final. What is it about OSU teams (football and basketball) choking under the glare of the big game spotlight? It happens all the time.
  • I bring the roadster out of winter storage and the forecast calls for snow by the weekend. Called that one, didn't I?
  • Even at my advanced age, I still enjoy gathering with friends once a year to watch the professional wrestling spectacle known as Wrestlemania. Last night's show was...okay. The match between the Undertaker and HHH was pretty darn good, actually.
  • Hey Access - what's with the choppy HD feed? $65 is a little much to be paying for periodically crappy video and/or audio. Or was that a problem with the originating broadcast?
  • Despite Mitchell Blair's protestations, I found the five minutes of the broadcast devoted to the Funkasaurus, his momma and her bridge group to be culturally significant. My existence was enriched by watching it. Check it out on Youtube and prepare to be delighted.

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