Saturday, April 29, 2006

Stuff That Bugs Me

Ever get the impression that illiteracy is a bigger epidemic than Aids, Ebola and the bird flu combined? Seriously, can no one spell or use punctuation these days?

Just one example: grab a copy of your weekend newspaper (the Regina Leader-Post will do quite nicely), and count the number of times an apostrophe is inserted when it shouldn't be. Car ads are especially brutal. Obviously the folks approving the ads at the respective dealerships are either really busy, or really ignorant. How's this gem: "We have lot's of great deals..." Oh really? You have deals belonging to Lot? The guy from the bible? Since when does an "s" at the end of a word automatically qualify for an apostrophe in front of it? The functionally illiterate - darn worthy Pac's Rats if you ask me.

Just stuff I think about in lieu of watching the Leafs in the playoffs.

A Little Shameless Self-promotion

A regular feature of this site will be a list of guests on each week's edition of SportZone, a weekly sports talk show on channel 7 (Access) in Regina, Saskatchewan. The program airs Wednesday evenings from 6-7 pm, and Thursday afternoons from 3-4 pm. Viewers in the Regina area are welcome to submit ideas for guests/segments.

SportZone Guests for May 1/06
Community Co-Host – Dale West

1. A preview of the 2006 Saskatchewan Roughriders’ training camp, from the perspective of the Riders’ long-time trainer. Guest: Ivan Gutfriend (Riders Head of Athletic Therapy).

2. A preview of the 2006 U of R women’s basketball fundraising breakfast. Guest: Jeff Speedy (Cougars Head Coach).

3. A look at the legacy (financial and otherwise) created by the 2005 Canada Summer Games in Regina. Guest: John Lee (2005 CSG Chief Operating Officer).

4. A review of the 2005/06 Regina Pats season, and look ahead to next season. Guest: Terry Perkins (Pats Assistant Coach).

5. A preview of the 2006 season for the Wascana Racing Canoe Club. Guests: Dave Robertson (Head Coach) & Cory Rublee (2005 Sask Junior Athlete of the Year).

6. A review of a big weekend in local water polo action, including the 2006 Cadet Boys National Championships. Guest: Mike Mortin (Regina Squids Head Coach) & (2nd guest TBA).

7. Saskatchewan loses another outstanding young curler to Alberta. Darn Alberta! Guest: Ben Hebert (Curler).