Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday thoughts

Not the deepest thoughts perhaps, but 100% original. Surely that must count for something!

  • There will be some top-notch basketball played at the University of Regina this weekend, as the Cougar women host the Can West Final Four. Four top-ten teams battle it out for one guaranteed spot at nationals. Should be good!
  • The Regina Pats play two at home this weekend - tomorrow night against Brandon and Sunday night against P.A. They probably need to win both to hold off the red-hot Wheaties for 7th place in the eastern conference.
  • Ban fighting in junior hockey? While I wouldn't necessarily miss it, I don't think it's an idea whose time has come. That sort of paradigm shift has to be driven from the top (NHL) down. Otherwise, it just doesn't make sense.
  • I'd love to see an NHL team in Saskatoon, but I just don't think it makes any economic sense. Dare to dream, though.
  • My offspring is putting away his baseball gear for at least one year, and is going to give lacrosse a try. Should be interesting.
  • Maybe it'll give me a chance to recruit some players for the RMF Unicorns! I think we are one running back and one linebacker away from taking a serious run at the pee wee title this year. Dare to dream, anyway!
  • It was great to hear Ron Rimer on the air last night (CKRM's Sportscage). Rimbo was one of my favourites when this (at the time!) young broadcaster arrived on the scene in Regina in the early 90's.
  • He was actually my predecessor for my short-lived run as pre-game host on the Rider radio broadcasts. Man, that was a lifetime ago!
  • Speaking of short-lived, who can forget the "one and done" run of Steve Brown as Rider play-by-play guy? Epic. Fail.
  • Granted, I'm sure there are lots of people who thought I'd be lucky to last a year as a host of a tv show! Hosting SportZone (now Locker Talk) really is the best part-time gig ever.
  • Maybe it's early spring fever, but I feel like I could really, really use a change of scenery. So fire away with those lucrative job offers! (Again, dare to dream)


Drew said...


What a beaut! I'll never forget how nervous he was before his first game at TF. He must have smoked a pack and a half in the 15 minutes before the broadcast! Hope he's doing well somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Just remembered the time he has flowers sent to himself at work on his birthday. Pure comedy gold! He was the best...


Anonymous said...

One of a kind, hopefully.