Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

It's Thursday, which means it's time to salute those that deserve it, and draw attention to those that don't. Tell you what, I'll go first!

  • Chicago Blackhawks. The Pac's Rats sentimental favourite NHL team (once the Leafs are eliminated, of course) survived a near-death experience to knock off the Detroit Red Wings in a western conference semi-final.
  • CFL training camps open this weekend. Need I say more?
  • Regina media. For collectively displaying sound journalistic judgement in not reporting on the latest attention-seeking ploy from a very disturbed failed politician. Those 15 minutes were up a long time ago!
  • The cesspool that Canadian politics has become. Senate scandals, bizarre antics from the Mayor of Canada's largest city, the federal Liberals led by the Boy Blunder, the list goes on and on. Does no one of integrity or above average intelligence run for political office anymore?
  • Boston Bruins. If the Beantown boys win the Stanley Cup, the Leafs choke job in game seven of their first round series against Boston will sting even more than it did at the time. If that's even possible.
  • It's not city hall's fault, necessarily - but between the garbage strewn about, the sand and dust everywhere and the crater-sized potholes, the streets of Regina more closely resemble downtown Beirut these days. It's not exactly the most appealing sight for visitors or potential residents/investors.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Locker Talk Lineup for May 28

Here's the lineup for this week's show, airing tonight at 9 p.m. and Saturday at noon on Access channel 7 in Regina:

Locker Talk Guests for May 28/13
Co-Host: Mitchell Blair

1. The Regina Riot wraps up a successful WWCFL regular season, and looks ahead to the prairie conference final on June 9th. Guests: Katie Rogal (Linebacker) & Angelique Chenaurd (Offensive Line).

2. A group of Regina water polo players is off to California in June to compete in a couple of international tournaments. Guests: Evan Andrews (Coach), Jake Morris & Bryden Goosen (Players).

3. Our Man Carlo. Locker Talk’s resident sports movie aficionado Carlo Palazzo is back to offer his thoughts on another cinematic classic. This time: Rocky Balboa.

4. The Regina Lawn Bowling Club has a busy 2013 season planned. Guests: Keith & Jean Roney (Regina Lawn Bowling Club).

5. The Regina Red Sox launch defense of their back-to-back WMBL championships this weekend. Guests: Jay Livingston (Head Coach) & (Player TBA).

6. Patrick Palmer, Human Guinea Pig. Locker Talk’s very own sports daredevil risks life and limb learning the sport of box lacrosse.

7. The Blair Necessities. Mitch’s weekly sports commentary.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Musings

Idle thoughts on a water-logged Monday:

  • Congrats to the Halifax Mooseheads on their 2013 Memorial Cup championship. They really were the class of the field in Saskatoon. 
  • Next year's tournament is in London, Ontario. Hopefully the Knights can capture their second national championship on home ice.
  • A good time was had by all at the WWE wrasslin' show at the Brandt Centre Saturday night. Sitting in the front row is a whole new experience!
  • Thumbs up to everyone associated with organizing the Ken Goff Memorial Boxing Classic on Friday night. It had been a few years since I attended a Classic, and it was a first-class event, as always.
  • This was the 20th year for the event, and I don't believe Pat Fiacco has aged a day over that period. How is this possible?
  • This time next week Roughrider training camp will be into day #2 in Saskatoon. There's a lot of excitement about this year's edition of the green and white. Hopefully that translates into results on the field.
  • If John Chick makes his way back to Riderville, does Saskatchewan become the favourite to represent the west in the Grey Cup? Not necessarily, but I'd certainly rate them at least a close second to B.C.
  • I see Regina's newly crowned village idiot is off his meds again. That show stopped being funny a long time ago.
  • Two years from today I'll hit the half century mark. Now that's a milestone to dread! Mind you, it beats the alternative of NOT making it to 50!
  • I'm looking forward to a birthday feast of pizza and ice cream with the J-man tonight. The clean eating/exercising regimen resumes tomorrow. Yay.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Another week, another list. Here's my collection of stand-out performances (for better or worse) over the past seven days. Feel free to submit your own list, if you're so inclined.

  • Ukrainian Co-Op. The J-man needed some authentic Polish food for a school project. Since there isn't a place in Regina that specializes in Polish eats, we went to our Ukrainian neighbours and they came through!
  • Wascana Centre. I've been all over Wascana Park at one time or another, but this weekend was the first time we took Dexter the dog for a walk all the way around the lake. What a terrific way to spend part of a lazy afternoon!
  • Iannone's Footwear and Shoe Clinic. Tim and his crew offer great service and reasonable prices. That's always a winning combo.
  • Memorial Cup anthem singer. I know she didn't mean to butcher the U.S anthem. She's probably a delightful young lady. She did a fine job on the Canadian anthem. But that was just awful! Next time, learn the song.
  • London Knights. My hometown boys have looked awful in their last two games at the Memorial Cup. They take on Saskatoon in a sudden death tiebreaker tonight.
  • July 18th. Only because it isn't here yet. If ever there was a year I needed a relaxing summer holiday, this would be the one! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday Musings - A Day Late

Here's the (day after the) long weekend edition of our regular Monday offering. Otherwise known as a random collection of loosely organized thoughts.

  • The Memorial Cup is a wide open contest, after last night's 6-3 win by Portland over London. Going into tonight's London/Halifax tilt, all four teams carry 1-1 records.
  • As much as I'd like my hometown Knights to win the big prize, I can't see them doing it with Anthony Stolarz between the pipes. I can't believe the Philadelphia Flyers wasted a second round draft pick on him. He's easily the worst of the four starting goalies in the tournament.
  • I admit it, I stopped watching the Stanley Cup playoffs as soon as the Leafs were eliminated. I may watch a bit of the final. When's that start again? July sometime?
  • Well, it looks as though there is life after Geroy Simon and Arland Bruce III in B.C. The Lions have signed WR Manny Arceneaux after his two year tour of various NFL practice rosters. Even without Simon and Bruce, Leos QB Travis Lulay has quite an assortment of weapons at his disposal.
  • CFL training camps open in less than two weeks. This is a good thing.
  • Are the Toronto Blue Jays ever going to go on a run? The Jays are 5-5 in their last ten games, to remain solidly in the cellar in the AL East as they get set to host Tampa Bay tonight.
  • My kid graduates from grade 8 in a month. This is where things get interesting!
  • Actually, the word "graduation" isn't used anymore. It's a grade 8 "farewell" now. Further proof that society, including the education system, has gone completely overboard with political correctness.
  • Those poor people in Oklahoma. The level of devastation from those tornadoes is absolutely heart-breaking.
  • The radio wars are heating up again in Regina. Hopefully that translates into improved products across the dial. Dare to dream, anyway.
  • This has the potential to be a very exciting Regina Minor Football season. My (insert team name here) coaching staff is coming together very nicely, with at least one former CFLer on the staff. Possibly two. Details to come.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Man, how long has it been since I posted one of these lists? To refresh our collective memories, this is a list of stars and lesser-lights from the past seven days - in the world of customer service, sports, whatever. I'll go first. Feel free to make your contributions if you choose!

  • London Knights. My hometown junior team is making a return visit to the Memorial Cup after losing an overtime heartbreaker in last year's final. The Knights had to rally from a 3-1 deficit in the OHL final to qualify for the trip to Saskatoon.
  • Press Box Sports Bar. Thanks to Kevin Dureau and crew for an excellent lunch and darn entertaining discussion today. Always a good time at the PBSB.
  • Advanced Auto Cleaning. After collecting all sorts of road sludge over the winter months (how long was this past winter, 20 months?), Chris and his guys have my SUV looking showroom shiny. And his kid is going to be the next star WHL goalie out of Regina, believe it!
  • There really was no point in signing up for the federal "do not call" registry. The number of calls from telemarketers and various other bottom-feeders has taken off in recent months.
  • If you wondered how people would respond to the end of back alley dumpster garbage service last year, take a drive down the Ring Road or along the outskirts of the city. Garbage everywhere! Stay classy, (some citizens of) Regina.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs. Damn them, they did it to me again. You'd think I would have figured out the pattern by now.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Locker Talk Lineup for May 14

Here's the lineup for this week's show, airing tonight at 9:00 and Saturday at noon on Access channel 7 in Regina. You've been warned.

Locker Talk Guests for May 14/13
Co-Host: Mitchell Blair

1. A preview of the 2013 Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL training camp. Guest: Murray McCormick (Leader-Post Roughrider reporter). 

2. A preview of the 2013 Ken Goff Memorial Boxing Classic, put on by the Regina Boxing Club. Guests: Ken Ripplinger (Organizing Committee), Joshua & Erica Ravelo (RBC Boxers).

3. Locker Talk Fitness File with host Angela Yanko.

4. The O’Neill Titans celebrate a 6th straight city high school badminton team championship. Guests: Navit Asres, Stephanie Seilman & Jessica Kowalski (Titans badminton players).

5. A preview of the Fallout card put on this month by the wacky funsters of High Impact Wrestling. Guests: Brett Evans & Thrillin' Dylan (Wrestlers).

6. The Blair Necessities. Mitch’s weekly sports commentary.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Musings

I have no idea if anyone has actually been missing these posts, but I'm going to try to get back to semi-regular blogging. Life has been awfully busy lately, so the optional activities, like creative writing, have been pushed aside. Here's what is rattling around upstairs at the start of another work week:

  • I have to figure out a way to watch two hockey games simultaneously tonight! The Toronto Maple Leafs are in Boston for game seven of that Stanley Cup series, while the London Knights are home to Barrie for game seven of the OHL final. The Knights and Leafs are each trying to complete a comeback from 3-1 series deficits.
  • It was a lot easier to free time up for yardwork when the Leafs weren't in the playoffs every spring, but I think I prefer this scenario!
  • Congrats to the Regina Riot on their 15-7 win over Saskatoon in WWCFL action on Mother's Day. That's the first time the Valkyries have tasted defeat in the three year history of the league.
  • If you haven't checked out a Riot game, you should. You'll likely be impressed by the calibre of play.
  • We'll preview the Saskatchewan Roughriders' training camp on this week's edition of Locker Talk on Access 7 with Leader-Post scribe Murray McCormick. Belated congrats to Murray on the arrival of his first grandchild last week!
  • Thumbs up to the kids and staff at St. Gregory school for putting on a first class fashion show fundraiser last week. The J-man looked a little too natural on the runway. I have no idea where he gets his ham tendencies!
  • It's hard to believe my boy and his crew will be moving on from elementary school in a few short weeks. As advertised, the time really does fly!
  • You'll be reading a lot about the O'Neill Titans in this space over the next few years. Apologies in advance if that rankles you!
  • It's amusing when people who blog or tweet a lot consider themselves social media experts. Quantity doesn't grant you expert status. Heck, if that was the case, I'd be an expert on adult, moving on!
  • There is nothing better than pulling into your assigned parking spot on a Monday morning to find someone occupying it! Nice job, Mr. or Ms. blue Pontiac G6 (859 GWA) owner! I guess the word "reserved" on the sign confused you?

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Locker Talk Lineup for May 7

Apologies for not posting the lineup for last week's show! And what a show it was! That's okay though, as Access customers can still check it out On Demand.  In the meantime, here's the lineup of segments for this week's extravaganza.

Locker Talk Guests for May 7/13

Co-Host: Mitchell Blair

1. The Regina Rebels look back at a 4th place performance at the Esso Cup – the national female midget AAA hockey championship. Guests: Kim Perepeluk (Head Coach) & Talia Terry (Rebels Forward). 

2. A preview of the SGI Canada Prairieland Curling Camp, put on by CurlSask – formerly the Saskatchewan Curling Association. Guest: Amber Holland (CurlSask Executive Director).

3. Access 7 Sports Plays of the Month. For April.

4. The Regina Riot gets set to host the arch rival Saskatoon Valkyries in Western Women’s Canadian Football League action this weekend. Guests: Darren Fisher (Head Coach) & Aimee Kowalski (Riot Quarterback).

5. A preview of the annual Football Saskatchewan Senior Bowl for graduating high school players, plus an overview of the minor football scene across the province. Guest: Mike Thomas (Football Saskatchewan Technical Director).

6. A preview of the summer football camps put on by the University of Regina Rams, and a look back at yesterday’s CFL draft. Guests: Brett Jones (Rams O-Lineman/Camp Instructor) & Zach Oleynick (Rams QB).

7. The Blair Necessities. Mitch’s weekly sports commentary.