Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Wow, a week between posts. That's how guys get the title of "part-time blogger" I suppose. That's okay, sometimes real life gets a little busy. So, without any further ado...

  • London Knights. My hometown boys have advanced to the Memorial Cup final. I'd love to see them take on Edmonton in the final, but I suspect the opposition will be the defending champion Saint John Sea Dogs.
  • L.A. Kings. Carlo Palazzo's favourite team is back in the Stanley Cup final for only the second time in Our Man Carlo's life. Man, I know what that's like. However, unlike the Leafs (I was two years old the last time they played for the Cup), Carlo's Kings have a real shot at winning it all in 2012.
  • The Avengers. Wanton violence? Check. Cheesy comedy? Check. Scarlett Johannson in a skin-tight jumpsuit? Check! All in all, a good time at the theatre! 

  • Phoenix Coyotes. Yes, the Yotes were the victims of some questionable calls in their western conference final loss to L.A. But the parting shots at the refs and the Kings demonstrate why the desert dogs aren't a championship calibre team (yet). 
  • A wet and wild spring.  You know what all this rainfall in May means down the road, don't you? Yep, welcome to Mosquitoville, boys and girls!
  • What a boring week it's been on the municipal campaign trail! No restraining orders, no zany Twitter follies, no awkward "news" conferences, nothing! C'mon people, the electorate demands to be (unintentionally) entertained, damnit! 

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Bev said...

Oh, you just don't follow the right people on Twitter! The candidates continue to tweet; the people continue to jeer.

Speaking of Jeers:

Jeers to the Government of Saskatchewan for the current film industry let-down. After priding themselves on helping the film industry in this province, they've pulled the rug out from under a booming business community.

And, because I need to have some cheer today:

Cheers to old friends who call on a whim. I'm terrible at phoning, so it's always a pleasure to get a long-distance call from someone I haven't spoken to in months. (I won't mention *how* old the friend was who called last night, but we met at university.)

And cheers to my Koko dog, who actually seems to be eating lately. It's a good day when he cleans his bowl.

Have a great week!