Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Okay, this week the emphasis will be on positivity...unless somebody really pisses us off!

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders. Maybe they didn't absolutely need another offensive lineman, but they made a hometown boy's dreams come true by selecting Ben Heenan first overall in the CFL draft. And I loved the decision to make the announcement in Saskatoon.
  • London Knights.  My hometown team is one win away from a trip to the Memorial Cup. Go Knights!
  • Dale Hunter. The co-owner/head coach of the Knights took over as bench boss of the dysfunctional Washington Capitals mid-way through the NHL season, and now has his team one win away from the east final. 
  • Regina Automotive Warehouse. I won this month's draw for $200 in free gas. Next month it could be you!
  • The latest proposal for a new stadium in Regina.  Sorry, but building a 33,000 seat open air stadium at Evraz Place feels like settling to me. We can do better. 
  • Narrowly escaping damage to life and limb when High Impact Wrestling hooligan Bull Bodnar attacked the legendary King Kash at this week's taping of Locker Talk on Access 7. Tune in tonight at 6:00 to view the carnage!
  • Redneck hillbilly losers. I heard/saw an inbred hick shout a racial slur at a young black man while I was stopped at a light yesterday.  It saddens me that crap like that still happens in this day and age. I hope Cletus drives his ridiculously jacked-up pickup off a cliff.

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Wanda said...

Cheers to Estevan for taking the initiative to host the Scott Schultz Football Camp in early June.
Go to to register.

Jeers to those who let dandelions infest their lawn which then will spill over to the rest of the neighborhood.