Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday thoughts

Hurry up weekend, hurry hard!

  • The J-man and I are headed up to Saskatoon this weekend for a lacrosse tournament. I'm proud to report the boy scored his first ever goal in league action last night. Season one is a success thus far.
  • Did you catch the carnage towards the end of this week's edition of Locker Talk on Access 7? Our two guests from High Impact Wrestling got into a physical confrontation at the end of the interview. Intense!
  • If you missed it, you can always check it out on Access' On Demand service. Not an Access customer? Then I guess you can't!
  • Who do you like in game seven of the NHL playoff series between the Rangers and Capitals?  I can't stand New York coach John Tortorella, so I'll be cheering for the Caps, I suppose.
  • Whatever happens, there will be at least one team from a non-traditional hockey market (L.A. or Phoenix) in the Stanley Cup final. Somewhere Gary Bettman is touching himself inappropriately in glee.
  • I understand why people are upset about Ron MacLean's ill-advised comments (comparing hockey players to 9/11 first responders) on Hockey Night in Canada this week. 
  • I think the idea was well-intentioned, but somewhere between Ron's brain and his mouth things went completely haywire. It happens. Apologize and move on.
  • Football players born in 1997 or 1998, or their parents, will want to check this out.  It looks like an exciting opportunity for some young players to showcase their skills.
  • Check out this story about the CBC news reader who built a flight simulator in his basement! Now you know one of the big differences between the CBC and private broadcasters. When I worked in private radio, I could barely afford a plane ticket, much less a freakin' flight simulator!
  • Do I wish I had a flight simulator in my basement? Well...yeah!
  • If I promise to do some cardio at the hotel gym in Saskatoon, can I enjoy some guilt-free Fuddruckers this weekend? Let's find out!

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