Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday musings

Another blissful weekend has come and gone. Let's see what random thoughts are left behind:

  • It's the Rider fan version of Pavlov's dog. Every year we get burned by getting excited about a training camp prospect, who inevitably soils the sheets (see: Terrence Nunn, 2011) when the bullets start flying in game action.  And the following year, we once again ordain someone (see: Sinorice Moss, 2012) as the "next big thing" without knowing if they can/will get the job done in a meaningful game. 
  • Oh well, it livens up training camp I suppose. Why else would we sit through the eye-glazing boredom of CFL exhibition games?
  • Mind you, every once in a while a "can't miss" prospect (see: Weston Dressler, 2008) comes along who actually lives up to the advance billing.  Then again, Dressler didn't exactly set the world on fire in his rookie pre-season.
  • But in his case, the Riders felt the diminutive slotback from North Dakota would be a "gamer".  Which he most certainly is! And one of the hardest workers in practice, I might add.
  • I think I'm cheering for the L.A. Kings to win the Stanley Cup, based almost entirely on the fact the Kings have two players (Jeff Carter & Drew Doughty) from my hometown in their lineup.
  • I wonder if Carter and Mike Richards would like to stick it to their old team, the Flyers, in the Cup final?  (Gee, ya think?)
  • My hometown London Knights are four wins away from a trip to the Memorial Cup. First they'll have to get past the Niagara Ice Dogs in the OHL final.
  • Are we getting the WHL final on Shaw/Access?  Edmonton and Portland should put on a heck of a show!
  • The Quebec league final features...ah, who cares!
  • So far, so good for the J-man's first season of box lacrosse.  His team sports a 1-0-1 record after two starts. Two tough opponents coming up this week, though.
  • The pee wee Unicorns have started serious planning for the 2012 Regina Minor Football season. Barring the loss of a bunch of players to weight issues or other circumstances, we should have a pretty good squad at our disposal!
  • Now, let's just hope the coaching staff doesn't screw it all up...

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