Monday, April 02, 2012

Take that yuz guyz!

I don't normally cut and paste news releases, but this one is just too special not to share. It's full of awesomeness. Enjoy!


( Monday, April 2, 2012 - Regina, Saskatchewan ) Since the announcement of LFL Canada launching a Regina franchise, a wide consortium of Regina radicals and bible-thumpers alongside some seriously biased media coverage has had the initiative under attack. With ridiculous headlines, one actually attempting to tie LFL Football to rapists and suggesting if you go to an LFL game it will lead to your becoming a rapist.

While the Lingerie Football League has certainly had its share of negative press and limited public outrage in new territories, Regina set a whole new level of ignorance and irresponsible journalism.

The league has maintained to not judge a book by the cover but by the substance which in this case is the athletics and brand of football. The story was not going to be told until this past Saturday night's Regina Rage 'Open Tryout'. Despite all the negative publicity and misconceptions, a strong number of athletic women came to the Credit Union EventPlex committed to playing Rage Football.

When these athletes were asked about the negative media coverage and their resolve to play, they responded with:

"I believe integrity is represented by the morale of the individual, and is not a reflection of what they wear", said, Crystal Nikolai of Regina

"Some people may stereo type the sport but like I said these are talented/athletic women wanting to play a sport they love. I am just excited that we are now given the opportunity to play just like the boys, regardless what we are wearing!", said, Kylie Rossler of Regina

According to Regina resident and prospective Regina Rage Head Coach Larry Mueller the talent far exceeded this expectations with athletes from various sports wanting their opportunity to lace'em up in LFL Canada. If your counting, Saturday night's successful Rage debut places them ahead of the close-minded Regina residents and biased media.

A select few players will now advance to the Rage Mini-Camp to work with Coach Mueller and his staff in preparation of LFL Canada and Regina Rage's season opener in Vancouver versus the BC Angels on Saturday, August 25th.


Tyler DeHaven
Media Relations
Lingerie Football League, LLC.
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BUSINESSWEEK, Paul Wachter (NOV 2010) - 'The Lingerie Football League is a rarity in sports-a women's professional league that's actually growing.'

In comparison to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) or World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) through their first two seasons of operation, the LFL has achieved far more national television viewership, attendance, expansion and overall business prosperity through the same period of time.

LFL Canada Kickoff - Fall 2012

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