Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday musings

Whoa, I see the site has changed things up around here.  Well, hopefully this post actually makes it to the interwebs.  If not, let's blame the technology!

  • So, will the Vancouver Canucks be a dramatically different team by the time training camp rolls around in the fall?  A first-round playoff loss will tend to do that to some teams.
  • It seems obvious the Canucks want to move ahead with Cory Schneider as their starting goalie. But who would be dumb enough to take on Robert Luongo's bloated salary in a trade? (Cue the Leafs)
  • Have the Detroit Red Wings finally fallen from the ranks of perennial contenders? A great team got old. It happens.
  • If Brent Sutter goes to Edmonton, the Oilers will be in the playoffs next year. Book it.
  • The Moose Jaw Warriors are reeling, after taking back-to-back 6-1 shellackings in Edmonton to open the WHL eastern final.  Game three goes tomorrow night in Moose Jaw.  Suffice to say the Warriors are in must-win territory.
  • My hometown London Knights lead Kitchener 2-0 in the OHL's west final. Not that you care, but I like having at least one hockey team to follow at this time of year!
  • 26 degrees in Regina today, and the forecast is calling for snow in southern Ontario.  Yeah, baby!
  • The J-man and I rented the latest Mission Impossible movie on the weekend.  It was...okay at best.  The best movie we've rented recently remains We Bought a Zoo. It's a great family flick, if you're looking for viewing options.
  • Sticking with the quality family entertainment theme, the boy and I were well entertained at the latest High Impact Wrestling spectacle on the weekend. I still think Mitch Blair and Rex Roberts (who was resplendent in a spring frock, I might add) need to settle their differences in the squared circle. That would be outstanding.
  • Lacrosse season starts this week.  As someone who never played the sport (other than in gym class), I don't have much helpful advice to offer the offspring. (Hey! Maybe that's why he wanted to try lacrosse. Clever little man.)
  • Satan the trainer is back from Calgary, and the torture resumes tonight. Can't say that I've missed him!
  • Football fans in these parts are anxiously awaiting the arrival of approximately 50 prospective Roughriders at a two day mini camp this week. Should be fun!


Mitchell Blair said...

I offered the man my hand as a wish and act of good luck and all he did was spurn those wishes. He gets what he deserves.

I saw your tweets about Brett Evans. I'm sensing tag-team warfare and mayhem. Is Vanstone or Palazzo serving as our manager?

Pac58 said...

Let's use 'em both! Rob can manage and Carlo can be the modern-day HIW equivalent of Miss Elizabeth. Seems appropriate for that crowd!