Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

What can I say, it's been a busy day! Here's this week's edition of Cheers and Jeers. As always, feel free to add your own entries to either list.

  • Eriksen Construction. I've been keeping Dave busy around Chez Paczko, and he's been doing some darn fine work. Everyone wins!
  • Thor. The J-man and I were well entertained by the latest superhero flick to hit the big screen. The ladies in the audience seemed to think the male lead was quite acceptable as well.
  • Graham Condo. Our Locker Talk producer at Access has been going above and beyond the call of duty lately. Now, if only he could come up with a golf shirt or two...
  • Not having any time to resume Krav Maga training. A little punching and kicking action would be just fine right about now!
  • The weather forecast for the next few days. Seriously, enough with the rain every weekend!
  • People who bought into the end of the world prediction for last weekend. Everyone knows the one undeniable sign of an impending apocalypse is a Stanley Cup parade down Yonge Street in Toronto. Until that happens, the world keeps on spinning!

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Bev said...


I have to give cheers to the Animal Clinic of Regina again. They're being very reasonable with costs in caring for Koko's compromised kidneys. I'm very grateful for all their help.

The teachers from St. Mary's Catholic school for spending their strike day volunteering at the Canadian Cancer Society yesterday.

10-year-old Trynell Johnson who cut his first lawn on Saturday. The grass was a bit tall and wet, and he was using a muscle-powered (non-motorized) lawn mower, yet he did a pretty good job. Yay, Trynell!

The manager at the Boston Pizza on Rochdale -- he really knows how to talk to kids. He had Trynell telling him jokes before our food was served. Not to mention, this manager had to do this by staying about an hour after he was supposed to go home. A very nice guy. Who, I understand, is pretty good at decorating zombie wedding cakes. Or so he says...


ECKO and their 'Miracle Can Opener'. It's one of those simple, old-style can openers, nothing fancy. I bought it a couple months ago. Then, on Monday morning, while I was opening a can of food for a couple of very hungry dogs, it fell apart in my hands. NOT IMPRESSED. (And neither were the dogs!)

Little Miss (dog) who decided to wait until 10 pm Sunday night to have bowel problems, meaning a visit to the 24-hr vet clinic during 'emergency hours'. Which cost twice as much as a visit to our regular vet would have cost during business hours. Dumb dog.

I think that's it. It's been a very busy week, so I may have forgotten something.

Oh, as for that 'rapture' business on Saturday -- it did happen. The chosen were all taken. But the chosen were all hermits, so no one noticed. Funny, but all the people most excited about going got left behind...