Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday thoughts

These are my thoughts. You can't have them. But if you ask nicely, we can share.

  • I'm not a fan of Friday the 13th, but I particularly dislike it (for personal reasons) when it falls in the month of May.
  • Moving on...and so are the San Jose Sharks! I honestly thought they would complete the choke job and lose to Detroit in game seven last night. Go figure.
  • I find the NHL conference final match-ups to be pretty intriguing. Out west, we have the Sedins vs Marleau and Heatley in the NHL's version of the (non-contact) Adult Safe Hockey League.
  • The eastern final isn't quite as captivating, although it should make for some good hockey.
  • If Boston wins it all, Toronto's Stanley Cup drought will be the longest by decades of the original six teams. Decades. Ouch.
  • Make it two straight years without a medal for Canada at the World Hockey Championships, after a 2-1 quarterfinal loss to Russia.
  • No medal? That just doesn't feel right.
  • As a Leafs fan, the irony of seeing Dion Phaneuf on the ice for that devastating shorthanded goal wasn't lost on me. Although to be fair, it wasn't Phaneuf that turned the puck over.
  • Since the Riders are looking for a Canadian receiver or two to bring to camp, whatever happened to Andrew Busby?
  • The former Saskatoon Hilltops star (once billed as the best receiver in Canadian amateur football) seems to have fallen off the face of the (football) earth!
  • Busby was with the University of Regina Rams in 2009, but that's about the last anyone has heard of him. Word is he's living in Saskatoon.
  • If Rams slotback Jared Janotta continues his development and stays healthy, he'll be the next big thing among Canadian receiver prospects. Book it.
  • As of this week, my mom's house officially belongs to someone else. That's a very weird feeling.

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