Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

It's the eve of a long weekend for me. How much can there possibly be to complain about? Suppose I'll find something!

  • Advance Glass and Mirror. They fixed a broken window and a torn screen for me quickly and reasonably inexpensively. That's about all I can ask.
  • North Regina Little League. They, along with Baseball Regina, have done a great job dealing with weather challenges the past two baseball seasons. It's not always easy or convenient, but they get it done!
  • The U.S. Navy Seals who risked life and limb to take out the world's most notorious terrorist.
  • Michael Ignatieff. It takes a lot of doing to render Canada's "natural governing party" irrelevant, but Iggy did it! Mind you, he had lots of help from Jean Chretien and Stephane Dion.
  • Whatever it was that was growing out of the side of UFC combatant Mark Hominick's head during his bout Saturday night. That was just nasty!
Got any entries to add under Cheers or Jeers? Fire away!

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Bev said...

You get another long weekend? So jealous!


Nicole at the Canadian Cancer Society for finding the perfect volunteer opportunity for my niece, who needs 10 hours volunteer service to graduate. Both niece and sister are very happy.

Visions on Rochdale. Although I didn't wind up buying my new phone there, they were very personable and knowledgeable. Although, when I saw their EeePC, I knew more about it than they did. But then, I've had mine since 2008. Might have to go back and get the new one, though. Not often you can find a notebook computer for under $300.

Wireless Age on Broad Street. They knew their stuff, too. Not quite as personable as the Visions crew, but even more knowledgeable. That's where I got my phone.


Wireless Age on Rochdale. This isn't the first time I've gone in there, but I somehow thought I'd get a bit more service if I were looking for a smartphone. This young woman seemed put upon to have to help me. I mentioned a couple phones I'd seen, and said that I'd seen one that was cool, but not what I wanted. She took me straight to that phone. Um. I mentioned I didn't want it because it didn't have a QWERTY keyboard. "Oh, but it does - on the touch screen." Um, yeah. I asked about another phone I was interested in: "What's the operating system on this one?" She stared blankly at me. This bored-looking guy at a counter told me, and we discussed that OS for a minute, but he never got up or offered to show me anything else. Finally, I said, "I'm still looking around", and left. Nope. Won't buy anything there again. Even if it is close to home.

Another jeer: having to learn how to use one of these crackberry things. I've had the thing less than a week, and it's crashed a few times already. I don't think it likes me.

Funny, but that phone is the only thing I have to complain about. Although it is cool being able to tweet on it...