Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday thoughts

I'd better get these thoughts out while I can still remember them. You know, advancing age and all!

  • A week ago the Boston Bruins looked like a lock to advance to the Stanley Cup final. Now they'll have to hold off Tampa Bay in tonight's game seven to get there.
  • I'm learning to never, ever count the Lightning out this post season. Steve Yzerman's crew may very well be hoisting the Stanley Cup when it's all said and done.
  • Gary Etcheverry resigns his coaching position with the Saskatchewan Roughriders just days before training camp?
  • The decision isn't a surprise, but the timing is a bit curious. Oh well, now folks won't have to worry how Etch will co-exist with new/former defensive coordinator Richie Hall.
  • The forecast isn't looking promising for this weekend's NRLL Major A ball tournament. I can live without the baseball, but not seeing the J-man all weekend would suck.
  • It's LeBron James vs Mark Cuban in the NBA final. Gentlemen, start your egos!
  • I'm becoming a Dirk Nowitzki fan as the hoops playoffs progress. A 7-footer that shoots three-pointers? Crazy!
  • That Saint John team at the Memorial Cup is fun to watch. And most of those players will be back next year? Look out!
  • So this is what 46 feels like, huh? Just another day closer to 50.
  • Mind you, if I want to make it to 50, I'd better get back to working out semi-regularly! This lifestyle of sloth and gluttony isn't getting it done.
  • The only thing truly monumental about today is it marks my first birthday without a call from my mom. That's going to take some getting used to.
  • I think a change of scenery might be the best birthday present I can give myself. We'll see.

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Bev said...

Happy birthday, Pete!

46 isn't so bad. Trust me. I've had a few months to check it out, and it will do for a little while yet. Not something I'd want to hang onto for more than a year, though.