Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

The weeks are flying by faster and faster. That can't be good! Anyway, here's another look at things/people that impressed me over the past week, and things/people that did not.

  • Regina Rams quarterback Marc Mueller. Congrats to a fine young man on his invitation to the Edmonton Eskimos' rookie camp. The Little General would be proud.
  • The Major A Orioles of North Regina Little League fame. Undefeated after four games, and the kids are working hard and having fun. What more could a coach want?
  • Don Narcisse and friends. The organizers of Narco's first annual football camp did a terrific job. Stamps quarterback Henry Burris was particularly great with the kids.
  • Graffiti "artists". Sorry, your handiwork isn't art, it's just an eyesore.
  • Regina drivers. I've lived in a few places, but I've never before seen so many people who think stopping at a stop sign or red light is optional. What the hell?
Granted, those complaints aren't necessarily specific to any particular week. Really, other than a couple of cracked ribs (don't ask), it was a pretty fine past seven days!


Bev said...

Okay... I won't ask... but are you all right?

For the most part, graffiti isn't considered art, even by the 'artists'. It's often gang-related, I'm afraid, staking out territory.

Don't really have any jeers this week -- none I can post online, anyway.

But cheers:

Tumblers makes great pizza, even gluten-free pizza. I'll definitely have their spinach and feta pizza again (I've always loved it!)

And friends who find out you have a headache, and immediately offer painkillers and chocolate!

Pac58 said...

Oh, I'll live. I'm just getting a head start on being old, feeble and brittle.

Bev said...

Somehow, I can't see you being 'feeble and brittle'... as for old, remember I'm older than you are! :)