Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday musings

Let's start the week with a clean slate, so to speak:

  • The Saskatchewan Roughriders have now lost four in a row, with one game remaining in the regular season. Will the Riders rest some starters this week against Edmonton? I'm guessing not.
  • Many Rider fans have progressed from anger and disappointment to making jokes about the recent follies of their football heros. This is not a good sign.
  • Seriously, when your fan base is laughing at you, things are not going well.
  • Will the Riders turn things around in time to salvage the 2010 season? Crazier things have happened, although none come to mind immediately.
  • Some members of the Vancouver media refer to the Riders' (and formerly the Lions') fumble-prone kick returner as Ryan Grease-Mullins. Now that's a handle that fits.
  • The Rams, Thunder, Pats and Leafs all lost this weekend as well. Thank goodness for the Green Bay Packers, or I'd be thoroughly depressed!
  • Brett Favre is becoming the punch line in a very sad joke. Seriously Brett, it's time to walk away.
  • However, the thought of watching the Minnesota Vikings continue to stumble and bumble their way through the season doesn't exactly sadden me.
  • Hey Jerry Jones! Do you still think your Cowboys are going to play in their own Super Bowl this season?
  • Did you get many kids for Hallowe'en this year? 20 trick-or-treaters came calling at the Paczko estate this year. That's about half as many as last year. Anyone want some leftover candy?

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