Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well, that sucked!

What a lousy weekend this was for Regina sports teams! To recap:

  • The University of Regina Rams were crushed 52-29 in Saskatoon Friday night, costing the Rams a CIS home playoff game. The Rams will travel to Calgary for a Canada West semi-final next weekend.
  • The Regina Pats saw their three game winning streak come an abrupt end, as the Pats were destroyed 11-1 by Spokane at home Saturday night. When you can't keep the game within ten goals, things aren't so good.
  • The Regina Thunder lost the PFC final 32-24 in Saskatoon. It was the Thunder's first trip to the league final in the ten year history of the club. They'll be back.
  • The Saskatchewan Roughriders' losing skid has now hit four games, after a 23-17 Sunday afternoon loss in B.C. The Riders will try to stop the bleeding in the regular season finale at home to Edmonton next Saturday.
Further thoughts on the Riders, and their "performance" today:
  • Anyone who cannot see the Riders' special teams are staggeringly inept is either blind or an idiot. It really has become that obvious.
  • The Riders gave up their fourth special teams touchdown of the season this week. On the bright side, Ryan Grice-Mullin only fumbled one kick (yay!), and it was even recovered by the Riders. Sure, linebacker Sean Lucas was injured on the play, but you've gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet! (sarcasm off)
  • Darian Durant isn't in the top three quarterbacks in the league. Not yet, anyway.
  • Durant might have better luck if he didn't have to run for his life in crucial situations. As an example, left tackle Joel Bell was a complete turnstile on the final play of the game.
  • Defenses must love playing the Riders right now. You can get great pressure on Durant with only 3-4 guys, and drop the rest into coverage. Bonus!
  • The defense only gave up 16 points this week. Most weeks, that should be good enough to win.
  • Wes Cates may have just posted the least impactful 1,000 yard rushing season in CFL history. That's not a knock on Wes, but the running game (there is one?) in general.
  • An increasingly large percentage of the fan base has lost confidence in the ability of the Riders' brain trust to right the ship. I'm on the verge of joining them, frankly.

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