Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday musings

Seriously, who needs a psychiatrist's couch when we have the interwebs? Thank you Al Gore for creating them!

  • Okay, so maybe reports of the Saskatchewan Roughriders imminent demise were a bit premature. The Riders looked okay (as opposed to great) in beating Edmonton 31-23 Saturday evening.
  • Congrats to the following Roughrider league leaders in 2010: Andy Fantuz (receiving yards), Darian Durant (passing yards), Wes Cates (touchdowns), Barrin Simpson (tackles) and James Patrick (interceptions). Methinks Brendan Taman will be forking over some cash in performance bonuses this year!
  • How long before the Eskimos are in the market for a new head coach? I predict Eric Tillman will send Richie Hall packing by the time the Grey Cup rolls around.
  • You don't suppose ET is trying to woo Kent Austin back to the CFL, is he? Yeah, good luck with that.
  • Speaking of coaches whose current employment is on life long before Wade Phillips is gassed by the Dallas Cowboys? (EDIT: not long! Phillips was fired today)
  • The Cowboys looked awful against the Packers last night. As a fan of the Green Bay gang, that did not sadden me.
  • You have to think Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers will get another shot at a head coaching gig soon. He's done a masterful job with an injury-riddled group this year.
  • Packers linebacker Clay Matthews may be the second consecutive Green Bay player to win defensive player of the year in the NFL. Maybe he'll be able to afford a haircut with the accompanying contract bonus?
  • Seriously Clay, cut the hair. You look ridiculous. Take A.J. Hawk with you.
  • At the mid-way point of the NFL season, who are the favourites to meet in the Super Bowl? I'm going with Baltimore from the AFC (only because I hate the Steelers so very, very much) and the Giants in the NFC.
  • Both Saskatchewan teams came up short in the CIS Canada West football semi-finals. The Rams spotted the U of C a huge lead, while the Huskies blew a huge lead against Alberta.
  • It looks like it's going to be a loooong season for the J-man's basketball team. Oh well, there's still plenty of time for them to turn it around, I suppose.

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