Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday musings

Thoughts in the aftermath of the Riders' 21-18 loss to Montreal in the 2010 Grey Cup:

  • Yes, Darian Durant's last minute throw (that ended up as a Billy Parker interception) was a remarkably poor decision. It's not the reason the Riders lost, though.
  • The Alouettes receivers exposed a sub-par secondary (especially on the corners), and that was the deciding factor in the game.
  • Cornerback Donovan Alexander's confidence is shot. Completely. The score would have been much more one-sided if he had stayed in the game, actually.
  • I predicted Wes Cates would be named Grey Cup MVP. If Saskatchewan had come back to win, I may have looked pretty smart.
  • Cutting down on turnovers should be the number one priority for Darian Durant next season. Frankly, he was lucky to only be picked off once yesterday.
  • Was yesterday's game the CFL swan song for a few key members of the Riders? It wouldn't surprise me if 3-4 retirements were announced in the off season.
  • So, what improvements need to be made? Well, special teams is an obvious starting point.
  • Was anyone really surprised the Alouettes would be able to successfully pull off a fake punt? Nope.
  • It might be time for an upgrade (or two) at cornerback. An impact defensive lineman (or two) wouldn't hurt either.
  • Coaching changes? I think at least 1-2 assistant coaches will be gone, and it wouldn't surprise me if Ken Miller decides to step away from his head coaching duties.
  • Changes on the offensive line might be unavoidable, and are probably necessary. I could see Makowsky and O'Day riding off into the sunset together, as did Aldag and Poley after the 1992 season.
  • Speaking of o-lineman, congrats to Marc Parenteau on his touchdown catch in the 4th quarter. Nice job, Marc!
  • And thank you to the Riders for an exciting 2010 season. There were lots of peaks, and a few valleys, along the way - but it was a fun ride from start to finish. Thanks Riders!

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