Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday musings

Is it Grey Cup Sunday yet? Is it Sunday yet? Is it? Huh? Huh?

  • Congrats to the Saskatchewan Roughriders on an exciting 20-16 come-from-behind win over the Calgary Stampeders in the CFL west final.
  • Could a crushing defeat happen to two nicer (and classier) individuals than Dwight Anderson and Brandon Browner?
  • Kudos to Darian Durant and Doug Berry for figuring out the Stampeders defence after falling behind 11-0 in the first half. The Stamps were able to stymie the Riders' offense for most of the opening half by rushing three on second down and dropping nine men into coverage.
  • For a change, Rider fans have absolutely nothing to complain about from Andre Proulx and the officials. Not a thing.
  • Chris Getzlaf has made the Stampeders his bitch. How else would you describe it?
  • Henry Burris is now 0-4 against Saskatchewan in the playoffs.
  • Ryan Grice-Mullin tried to give the game away by dropping another ball on a punt return. I assume he won't be back next year? Hopefully?
  • Linebacker Jerrell Freeman saved Grice-Mullin from becoming one of the all-time villains in Rider history by falling on his fumble in the end zone. Freeman just seems to get better every week.
  • So now it's the Grey Cup showdown everyone (outside of Calgary) wanted to see. Which also means the 13th man jokes will be picking up again. Oh joy.
  • Mind you, that's a pretty small price to pay for a return trip to the Grey Cup!
  • Hands up everyone who thought - while watching the Riders beat Montreal in overtime in the first game of the season - "Wow, I sure hope this is a Grey Cup preview!"
  • The Riders are on a three game winning streak. This run of success must be particularly upsetting for some of the drama queens who inhabit Rider Nation (and a certain fan website). What are the Negative Nellies going to complain about this week?
  • Some simpleton actually suggested last week that the Riders should dump head coach Ken Miller and replace him with Richie Hall. Immediately.
  • The brain power that went into that suggestion is staggering to think about.
  • Is it Sunday yet?

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