Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday thoughts

Hey, rumour has it there's a football game in town this weekend! Here's what I think about that, among other topics:

  • The Riders need to contain two players in particular: Jamal Robertson and Geroy Simon. If those two don't have huge games, the green guys should win.
  • Saskatchewan's offense showed signs of waking from its month-long slumber last week. Hopefully the trend continues on Sunday.
  • Let's all cross our fingers and hope the game doesn't come down to the Riders lining up to kick a last second field goal for the win. I'm sure Warren Kean is a fine person, but...
  • Let's hope Barrin Simpson's ankle injury isn't an issue. The Riders will need all hands on deck to shut down B.C.'s running game.
  • A high of plus 2 for Sunday? We'll take it.
  • I may have picked the wrong year to skip the annual year-end Regina Minor Football volunteer appreciation/awards night. I won the Coach of the Year award!
  • In the event anyone who voted for me reads this blog - thank you! And thank you to the Cougars assistant coaches, players and parents for a fantastic season.
  • Here's the scenario for next year: Reigning atom division coach of the year moves up to pee-wee to take over a team that finished 0-9 the previous year. And...winning ensues? We'll see!
  • Apparently I don't need to make plans to be in Toronto in June for the Stanley Cup victory parade.
  • The Leafs are playing like crap and the Montreal Canadians are atop their division. Yep, that's about as bad as it gets!

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Bev said...

Congrats, Coach of the Year!