Monday, October 04, 2010

Monday musings

Might as well start the week off right, by getting rid of some leftover thoughts:

  • The Riders defense should be commended for making the second half adjustments necessary to shut down the Argos Saturday afternoon. The Riders D was bad in the first half. Tackling was particularly poor.
  • Darian Durant had a fantastic game against the Argos. I wondered how it was possible to combine the attributes of a gunslinger and a surgeon at quarterback. That performance proved it is possible.
  • If the season was over, who would you pick as the Riders' candidate for league Most Outstanding Player? That's a tough, tough call. At this point, I might go with Andy Fantuz over DD (but just barely).
  • Regina post-secondary football teams went 3 for 3 on the weekend, as the Rams and Thunder both posted easy victories.
  • Has any city ever been home to the Grey Cup, Vanier Cup and Canadian Bowl champions in the same year? Wouldn't that be something!
  • Rans quarterback Marc Mueller ran for 75 yards against the U of A, including two long touchdown runs. When did Mueller become Michael Vick?
  • Tonight I get to dissect the atom Cougars season with my offensive and defensive coordinators. Should be loads of fun! Wanna bet the discussion focuses on the two losses at the end of the year, rather than the five consecutive wins to start the season?
  • Let's hope this darn fine weather sticks around long enough for the J-man and I to dust off the tennis racquets one more time. Which would bring our grand total of tennis games for this year to two.
  • There's an interesting debate brewing today about whether the Riders have more than their fair share of obnoxious fans .
  • I'm not sure about that one. However, there does seem to be a significant increase in fans in the younger demographic (17-25) in recent years. And, unfortunately some of those nouveau fans seem to use Roughrider football as a convenient excuse to talk smack on the internet and get drunk and stupid at home games.
  • Mind you, that's a very small percentage of the total fanbase.
  • And, it still beats the heck out of 1999, when the team finished 3-15 and you couldn't give tickets away.

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