Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

It's a bit of a challenge to find things to be cheery about this week, as the weather is just ugly. But, we'll try!

  • The Regina sporting community. It is a pleasure meeting so many interesting and committed people through the Locker Talk program on Access.
  • The Regina Pats. I think we all know they aren't Memorial Cup contenders this year. But hey, a three game winning streak is a step in the right direction!
  • Clark's Luggage and Shoe Repair. For the cost of one lower-end pair of shoes, they're breathing new life into four pairs of shoes I already owned. Works for me!


  • The venom with which some "fans" have reacted to the Saskatchewan Roughriders' three game losing skid. Nobody is happy about the team's performance, but some of the on-line comments have crossed all lines of acceptable public discourse.
  • The weather. Snow should be outlawed until at least Remembrance Day. Who's with me on that one?
  • The weather, part two. Dexter the dog took one look at the snow yesterday and decided his bathroom break could be accomplished in much comfortable (ie: indoor) surroundings. Damn!
  • Regina drivers. Inevitably, the first snowfall of the year brings out the worst in local motorists. I'm pretty sure it's not a phenomenon that's unique to this city, but it sure is annoying!

Again, feel free to contribute your jeers and cheers. It's very therapeutic!


Bev said...

Despite the weather, I'm actually in a good mood these days. Part of the reason why is in my 'cheers'.


The people who stopped to help me -- and others -- when stuck in the snow on Wednesday. This morning, after a car had slid onto the boulevard, people even helped to push it off. Lots of great, helpful people in this city! I wish I could thank them all.

The Surrey International Writers Conference. A great conference this year, as always. I learned a lot, and met many friends, old and new. Two of the many highlights I experienced were:
-Meeting thriller author James Scott Bell. I'm really enjoying his book, Try Darkness. And he's one of the best writing teachers I've ever seen.
-A presentation by the Vancouver Police Museum on blood spatters and other forensic evidence.

K-Lane Kennels, who always take such good care of my dogs when I go away.


I'll add my jeer onto Pete's: the weather. Specifically how it's affected the roads. Sheer ice is bad enough, but when it's under a foot-deep drift... well, see my first 'cheer' above...

Red Lobster - They sent me a 'birthday present', which they hyped as being 'a special reward'. I'm sorry. $5 off two adult dinner entrees at Red Lobster is not special in the least. That's not even 10%.

And that's it for today. All in all, cheery, I think. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Clark's luggage repair. Those guys fixed almost anything and for cheap too.