Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Here it is, our weekly report on those that suck, and those that suck not:

  • Air Canada, for hopefully getting the J-man and I out of here on time tomorrow morning. Ontario, here we come!
  • A boss who lets his staff bail out early this afternoon.
  • Everyone who helped make the past (almost) ten years of hosting SportZone on Access 7 a pleasure, more than a chore.


  • Anyone who thought they were too "big time" to spend a few minutes on a local cable sports show. If people like Jon Ryan and George Reed can find the time, and they actually are a big deal...
  • The days immediately before, and immediately after, a vacation. These are the days that define "going through the motions".
  • Gold's Gym Regina. A darn fine place to work out. But the music? Not so much.

That's my list. Did anybody impress or depress you over the past while? Tell us about it!

1 comment:

Bev said...


Pasta Prima and Bushwakkers - good service, good food, nice staff.

Green Spot Cafe - good food, and their new location on 18-block Hamilton is bigger, brighter and airier than their former home.

Fresh & Sweet - their Vanilla Bean latte is smooth and wonderful, and everything they make looks so good. Good place for cupcakes and cinnamon buns! Oh, and different types of grilled cheese sandwiches!


People who think it's just fine to make a left turn in front of an emergency vehicle with lights and siren going - just because they have a left turn arrow.

Having to work when nearly everyone else is away on holidays.