Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday musings

Back in the saddle, after two weeks away. Here's a collection of thoughts. Do with them what you will.

  • I had a feeling Darian Durant was "off" the past few games. Now I guess we know why!
  • Having said that, Durant's performance was not the reason the Riders lost in Montreal on the weekend. Granted, he missed a few throws, and made a really awful decision/throw that resulted in one of two interceptions.
  • So, here's a question for you: Is the offense better off with DD at 80%, or with a bit of relief work from a 100% healthy Ryan Dinwiddie?
  • Three practices into the season, and it looks to be a challenging year for the atom Cougars. Players are dropping out, and others are having trouble making the weight limit. Fun.
  • And I fail to understand why people take holidays during the very time-compressed RMF season. Here's a helpful tip: if your kid is going to miss an entire week of football practice, he/she won't be playing that week! Got it? Good!
  • The J-man and I enjoyed our vacation immensely, including the almost 11 days spent in southern Ontario.
  • No broken bones or other injuries for me this year, for a change. Although my boy did suffer a badly sprained finger while we were tossing the pigskin around on grandma's front yard. The Paczko holiday curse continues!
  • Anyone who thinks London is a possible location for an expansion CFL franchise some day has never lived there. Then again, I never thought the (OHL) London Knights would draw 9,000 people a game either!
  • Thanks to LL for taking such great care of Dexter the dog while we were away. I think he misses his three new lady friends. Is it okay to call them Dexter's bitches if they're dogs?
  • I'll be meeting with the folks at Access this week to talk about the new show that will succeed SportZone on Access 7. I assume that means they want me to be a part of it!
  • A very interesting email was waiting for me in my inbox at work today. Can't say much more right now, other than I may need to brush up on what's happening in CFL markets outside of Saskatchewan. Could be interesting!
  • Alright, time to resume catching up on emails and other exciting things...

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Bev said...

Welcome back!

And, if Dexter's lady friends are dogs, then the technical term *is* bitches... although you may want to be very sure you mention their species when calling them that. Could lead to some unpleasantness, otherwise... ;)