Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday musings

I think, therefore I. . .blog?

  • Why is it the days immediately before a holiday are the longest ones in human history?
  • The J-man and I will be dining in the old country Friday evening. The old country being neither old, nor a country. But still.
  • It would appear, based on Saturday's 24-20 victory over Edmonton, that the Riders have learned how to win games that are less than aesthetically pleasing (ie: winning ugly).
  • No, I'm not joining the ranks of the foaming at the mouth faithful who are calling for punter Louie Sakoda to be sent packing. However, Louie does need to elevate his performance, and soon.
  • Kick return specialist Dominique Dorsey has been a non-factor in the first three games of the season. I don't expect this trend to continue.
  • Now it's on to Calgary this weekend. It feels strange to call a week four matchup a first-place showdown, but that's what it is.
  • After talking to Chad Lang last week, I don't expect the Regina Pats to make any trades until at least the start of training camp.
  • Random High Impact Wrestling update: I saw Tailormade Todd Myers in the gym yesterday, and congratulated him on his glorious victory in this past weekend's annual HIW Battle Royal.
  • The Tailormade one is looking forward to cashing in his resulting title shot, but first he's really looking forward to his steel cage match against Plum Loco on August 27th. As we all should be.
  • I ran for 20 straight minutes on Saturday, and there wasn't even anyone chasing me. Weird.
  • I'd better be careful. A person could get in shape doing things like that.
  • Is it Friday yet?

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