Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Your regularly scheduled edition of Thursday Cheers and Jeers has been pre-empted by Canada Day programming:

  • Canada. It's our country's birthday and I think the old gal is looking pretty darn good for her age!
  • The privilege of living in the greatest country on this rock we call Earth.
  • The Saskatchewan Roughriders, and the 30,000+ leather-lunged fans who will cheer the green and white to glorious victory in tonight's season-opener against Montreal.
  • The many tens of thousands who will cheer on the Riders from afar tonight.
  • The fact the J-man will be seated beside me tonight, and for the overwhelming majority of Rider home games this year.
  • Football. Just because.
  • I'm sure I could find something to criticize today, but I don't want to!

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