Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday thoughts

It gets pretty full up there. Always good to clean out the attic every once in a while...

  • There's no reason the Riders shouldn't be able to win in Vancouver Saturday night. BC's offense is pretty good, but their defense doesn't really scare anyone.
  • Wayne Smith's addition to the o-line will hopefully enable the Riders to run right AND left this week. A novel concept, to be sure.
  • Apparently Hugh Charles is going to get some touches at running back this week. Okay kid, let's see what you've got.
  • I'm a little nervous about going on holidays right before the RMF season starts, but I have complete confidence in the ability of the assistant coaches to handle things in my absence.
  • Less than a month until we start - can't wait!
  • I honestly think the atom Cougars will be pretty darn good this year. Maybe even good enough to win it all. Yeah, I went there.
  • Did you watch the LeBron James self promotion-fest last night? I couldn't bring myself to do it.
  • I hope King James and his life partners Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade will be deliriously happy together in Miami.
  • It's too bad the Toronto Raptors couldn't get anything for Bosh before he bolted. Maybe in this case it'll be addition by subtraction.
  • I think I may have to watch the World Cup final. Or I may paint something and then watch it dry. So many choices!
  • Tennis, anyone? I need to start making some use of my tennis club membership!
  • Are Lady Ga Ga's 15 minutes up yet?
  • There's a chance of more rain this weekend? What a shocking development.


Anonymous said...

Interesting you have thoughts on Lady Ga Ga. Just because you do not appreciate what she offers does not mean her 15 minutes are up.

Pac58 said...

A person can hope, can't they?

Just like my parents hoped about(insert name of performer who was popular at the time), and their parents, and so on, and so on...

Mitchell Blair said...

Lady Gaga sucks! Hopefully she is in stoppage time.

Speaking of which, you'd be out there celebrating proudly if Poland was in the WC final.

Anonymous said...

Two triple platinum albums.
One of Time's most "Influential People of the Year."
The most popular person on FB.

Indeed her 15 minutes are are almost up!

Anonymous said...

The New Kids on the Block were the most popular band on the planet at one time. Didn't care for them either.

The Jonas Brothers have moved a lot of product too. Popularity doesn't seem to prevent suckage.

Anonymous said...

Suckage is a personal preference.
25 million people must be wrong and the elderly gentlemen here 100% correct...just sayin!

Anonymous said...

Elderly gentlemen? Back in your cage, cougar!