Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Once again this week, we profile people and organizations worthy of praise - and of scorn. Here's my list:

  • BCG Canada Inc. Anybody that can make me look like I know what I'm doing in building a website (no, not this one) must be good!
  • The Running Room's Learn to Run program. Let's be clear. I still don't enjoy running. But at least now I'm able to do it. A bit.
  • The Saskatchewan Roughriders and Montreal Alouettes. Thanks for the memories, guys!


  • Concession food at Mosaic Stadium. Remember a couple of years ago when new food options were brought into the stadium, and the eats were actually pretty tasty? It appears those days are gone. The pre-game burger and slice of pizza sucked last week, quite frankly.
  • Canada Wide Furnace and Duct Cleaning. They were supposed to do some work at my place last week. No, they weren't late. They didn't show up. At all.
  • People without an email account in the year 2010. No, I'm not going to call you every time there is news regarding our minor football team, you luddite!

Feel the need to vent? Step right up!


Bev said...

Ooh. Asking me to vent today could be interesting... Well, here we go:


The places who respond to you when you ask about allergen-free food, including Joey's Only, Cathedral FreeHouse and Bushwakkers, who sent very kind replies. The people from the FreeHouse and Bushwakkers had their cooks make up lists to send me, while the Joey's Only person actually apologized for not having such a list, and gave me the numbers of the owners of the Regina franchises, so they could advise me.

All the restaurants and chains out there who have up-to-date online lists of allergens and ingredients in their foods, making life a lot easier for people with food allergies trying to find a place to eat.

Beer Bros, who still gives me the pizza I love, which isn't on their menu anymore, when I ask for it. And their gluten-free crust is pretty good!

Regina Humane Society and dog rescues, who take in living refuse and recycle them into loving pets with homes. They're all especially full right now. And rescues are as necessary as the shelters, as they are often asked to take shelter dogs who would otherwise have to be put down because of lack of space. The RHS, New Hope Dog Rescue, Bright Eyes Dog Rescue, Precious Paws, and others, all do a great job. The RHS is particularly full right now, so if you're looking for a new pet, make adoption your first option!

Missy! Yes, I have to cheer my own little dog. Last week in agility class, she did an exemplary job off leash (despite a couple detours for socializing). For a first agility course, she's doing very well. And we can credit Pawzitive Attitudes with her success. Next week will be our final class, and I am very pleased!


General Mills, who responded to a request for a list of gluten-free products with 'sorry, the product you're asking about is only available in the US'. If you're going to use a form letter, at least use one that makes sense!

Places who sell gluten-free foods at twice what you can get regular, similar foods for. Seriously, a very small, microwavable dish for twice as much as a larger, full dinner would go for? At least Sobey's sells them somewhat cheaper than Old Fashioned Foods does. I suppose I should just be happy that these options exist, but my grocery money is taking a beating...

People who insist on buying 'designer dogs' -- basically mixed breeds with good PR. No, 'Labradoodles' and 'Goldendoodles' are NOT real breeds. You're paying hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars for a dog you cannot breed to make others of its kind -- basically, a one-off dog. Yet you can go to the Humane Society or a rescue and find dogs -- even poodle crosses or other hypoallergenic or non-shedding breeds -- for far less money.

Breeders of said mixed breeds. There's a special place in hell for people who purposely breed mixed breeds. And in that special place they'll be regaled with the sights and sounds of all the animals who have to be put down because no one wants them. They'll be sharing that place with people who can't be bothered to get their pets spayed or neutered.

Allergies of all kinds. They complicate life and make people miserable. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...


Beer Bros:
Very funky little place that has outstanding food and service

A-holes that think the world should stop and start over their food allergies. Don't go out and do everyone a favour.


Bev said...

The world doesn't revolve around me in any way, Mr. Obama. You should know this by now: it revolves around my dogs.

You can apologize to them for thinking otherwise by donating $20 to the Regina Humane Society.

Anonymous said...

In the Regina Leader Post there are stories about Dangerous Offenders,a Doctor who's spent a lifetime molesting and terrorizing patients, a man who abducted his family yet years ago was in prison for manslaughter, but in your world view the warmest places in hell are reserved for mixed dog breeders.

Never met you, but I just know you fall into the category of "whiney guy". Guaranteed you've never worn a jock in your life.


Anonymous said...

That's a safe bet, since I'm guessing Bev is a female!

Bev said...

Good guess, Anonymous! :)

And I didn't say the 'warmest' places in hell, Mr. Obama. I said there's a special place in hell. Those others have other nightmares they can live with for eternity.

Anonymous said...

Well of course animals over people right. Sorry I don't have sympathy. Not to say whether it's right or wrong, of course you don't want to see them suffer. Having said that I don't lose sleep over animals.

Anonymous said...

This thread is full of win!

Anonymous said...

Can you repeat the question?