Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday musings

Reflections on a weekend without rain. Is that even legal anymore?

  • The Riders looked pretty good in beating B.C. Saturday night. Not great, but certainly good enough.
  • The special teams still aren't very special. At least the kick returns aren't. Yet.
  • Yes, it stings a little seeing Marcus Thigpen (cut by the Riders at the end of training camp) stake an early claim to special teams player of the year for Hamilton. But his team is 0-2. Methinks the Riders prefer the view from the top of the west division at 2-0.
  • Is Brent Hawkins the real deal? It is starting to look that way.
  • How desperate are the Edmonton Eskimos going to be when they take on the Riders Saturday at Mosaic?
  • They wouldn't consider gassing Richie Hall if they lose, would they?
  • Truth be told, if Kelly Campbell and Fred Stamps didn't drop two VERY catchable balls, the Eskies likely would have beaten Montreal yesterday.
  • So, I watched most of the World Cup final. One goal and more dives than the Summer Olympics. Thanks, that should satisfy my soccer fix for another four years.
  • Spain is a fun team to watch. If you enjoy screaming "Get up, you f&$in' pu#^#!" at your television.
  • The Jays are one game below .500 at the MLB All-Star break. Actually, that's better than I thought they'd be doing.
  • 11 more days until the J-man and I depart for Ontario. Can. Not. Wait.
  • I'm probably gonna need a bank loan to take him to Canada's Wonderland, but I do not care.
  • The cultural phenomenon of High Impact Wrestling returns to the Victoria Club this Friday night. You'd be crazy to miss it!
  • So if I want my vehicle cleaned properly, and I don't want to take it to SUDS, what are my options around here?

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