Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Critiquing others while in a sleep deprived state probably isn't such a good idea. But, when has that ever stopped me?

  • The Saskatchewan Roughrider prospects who had their final sniff of a CFL career in last night's exhibition game. Hell, you made it through a CFL training camp. That in itself puts you miles ahead of the mouth-breathers who slag you on the message boards.
  • Novia Cafe. A downtown Regina landmark is shutting its doors for good this week. You will be missed!
  • Josh Harding. He's a millionaire NHL goaltender. And yet he makes time to be interviewed for a cable tv show in his hometown. Some other local puckheads could take lessons.
  • Chuck Toth. The Commissioner of Regina high school athletics had a tough (lousy weather, teachers' job action, controversy over scrapping baseball and softball) first year on the job, but his commitment to amateur athletics in this town is incredible. We need more like him.

  • Access Communications. Normally, their customer service is excellent. However, the "technician" they sent over last Friday was a rude, incompetent douche bag. Seriously, that clown gives Access a bad name.
  • Representatives of formerly elite local sports franchises who can't even be bothered to return phone calls.
  • The slack-jawed yokels who dared to launch verbal insults at a lady who wore a #14 Edmonton Eskimos jersey to last Friday's CFL exhibition game at Mosaic Stadium. She's proud that a member of her family was about to play in a professional football game. How many CFL games have you suited up for?
  • The pending tragedy on 10th Avenue south of Mosaic Stadium. Exiting vehicles run smack-dab (literally, in one case last Friday) into pedestrians cruising down the middle of the street after every Rider game. You don't have to be a traffic specialist to know this ain't gonna end well.


Wanda said...

Cheers to those who have shown a sense of community in helping others out during the flooding of southeast Saskatchewan.

Jeers to those scum who decided to rob one of the evacuated houses in the Roche Percee area. I hope you're proud of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I guess I shouldn't be shocked, but that's just disgusting.