Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday musings

If it's Monday, this must be what I'm pondering:

  • Who knew there were so many Dallas Mavericks fans around here? The general basketball viewing populace is downright giddy over the Mavs' NBA championship.
  • Or, they're thrilled that the title did not go to the Miami Heat - Dallas just happens to be the team that beat the NBA's version of the evil empire.
  • Dallas owner Mark Cuban was uncharacteristically quiet during the final rounds of the playoffs. What's up with that?
  • In the end, Miami continues to struggle with uninvited Cubans landing on its shores.
  • Only four more sleeps until the Saskatchewan Roughriders butt heads with the Edmonton Eskimos in CFL exhibition action.
  • Let's see if some of the players that are impressing observers at training camp can get the job done when the bullets start flying for real in game action.
  • It sure sounds like the starters on the defensive line will be Luc Mullinder, Keith Shologan, Dario Romero and Brent Hawkins. We'll see if any of the other d-line prospects step up in the preseason.
  • It would appear that Rider slotback Weston Dressler is poised for a monster season. He's been virtually uncoverable in training camp thus far.
  • Oh my, the North Regina Little League Major A Orioles are riding a four game losing skid into the playoffs. At this rate, it'll be a darn short post-season!
  • Unless of course the brilliant and disarmingly handsome coaching staff can work some inspirational magic in practice this week.
  • The J-man and I will be on a plane headed for Ontario five weeks from today. Can't wait!
  • Our RMF season starts two weeks after that. That's also a good thing!
  • After three years of working with the 0-line, this head coach is moving over to the defensive side of the ball. Feel free to send your sympathy cards to Nathan Hofmeister, our defensive coordinator!
  • I'm fairly certain jalapeno-flavoured bagels are the work of the devil. And yet, I cannot resist.
  • Those new Magnum ice cream bars are also ridiculously tasty. I may need to invest in pants with elastic waistbands if this keeps up!

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