Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday musings

Let's wring out the old noggin. It's water-logged, just like everything else around here!

  • It's a quick turnaround for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, as they get set to take on the B.C. Lions in their CFL exhibition finale Wednesday night.
  • It's kinda sad to think that this will be the final few days as a pro football player for a lot of guys.
  • U of Rams quarterback Marc Mueller was released by the Edmonton Eskimos yesterday. Young Marc has nothing to hang his head about, as he likely exceeded everyone's expectations in training camp.
  • Congrats in advance to Darren Szabo, who I expect to be named the Riders' new public address announcer. He'll do a fine job.
  • Good luck to all around good guy Marc Parenteau in his bid to succeed Jeremy O'Day as the starting center for the green and white.
  • All of this weekend's little league playoff action was rained out, so the Major A Orioles are still alive!
  • Seriously, we could be out in two games (double knockout format), or win the league. There's no way of knowing with this crew!
  • Hopefully Regina Minor Football will be in touch this week, so we can formally start preparations for the 2011 season. Can't wait!
  • I feel badly for Curtis Hunt and Todd Ripplinger, as they look for new employment in the hockey world.
  • Still, a fresh start may be exactly what the Regina Pats franchise needs right now.
  • Gotta wonder about the O'Neill Titans, who turned down some free airtime on Access this week to celebrate their high school softball championship.
  • Considering they'll likely be the last-ever city champs in that sport, you'd think they'd be up for a little exposure. Oh well, moving on...
  • More rain on the way today? Terrific! Can't wait!

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