Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday thoughts

Here's what I'm thinking. There's probably no need to alert the Pulitzer Prize committee.

  • Only one more week until the CFL pre-season opens with the Riders home to Edmonton. Let the games begin!
  • I hope U of R Rams quarterback Marc Mueller is still in Edmonton's camp by then. What a thrill it would be for him to take a few snaps in a CFL game on his home turf.
  • I wonder what kind of response Kerry Joseph will get when he goes into the game for the Eskies. Hopefully a warm one. He's still one of only three guys to quarterback the Riders to a Grey Cup win.
  • It's not that I want the Dallas Mavericks to win the NBA crown so much; it's that I don't want the Miami Heat to win. Go Mavs! Go Dirk Nowitzki!
  • Someone named Dirk hasn't captivated audiences to this extent since Mark Wahlberg's performance in Boogie Nights.
  • It'll be very interesting to see how the Vancouver Canucks respond to the drubbing they took from Boston in games three and four of the Stanley Cup final.
  • Have the Canucks hit the wall? Or was that just a speed bump on their path to a Cup title?
  • Based on the way our squad has been playing, I suspect it'll be a short playoff run for the NRLL Major A Orioles. Must be the coaching!
  • Baseball season will be over in a couple of weeks at the most, then it'll be time to focus on the big enchilada - another year of Regina Minor Football action! Can't you just feel the excitement?
  • Mind you, I haven't officially been told I'll be coaching yet, so perhaps I'll hold off on getting Unicorns Football embroidered on all my golf shirts for the time being.
  • Seriously, our team will be the Unicorns. Doesn't that just strike fear into the hearts one?
  • More rain this weekend? What a surprise! Mother Nature, you really are one nasty b#$^h.

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