Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday thoughts

I think, therefore I post:

  • Congratulations and best wishes to CKRM's Willy Cole as he steps away from the microphone at the end of a 33 year broadcasting career. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Willy during my 8+ years with Harvard Broadcasting.
  • With Willy packing it in, does that make Z99's CC the dean of Regina morning radio announcers? Go figure.
  • Which Regina radio morning show do you listen to? Or are you a morning dial scanner?
  • I just ordered a Synergi Sirius receiver to listen to satellite radio at home.
  • Now, I have to remember not to have Howard Stern on when the J-man is around! I've almost made that mistake a few times while driving around. Not good!
  • Was the near-death experience in round one enough to propel the Vancouver Canucks through the rest of the Stanley Cup playoffs? I think the Canucks will get past Nashville, but I don't like their chances against Detroit or San Jose.
  • Actually, that battle between the Wings and Sharks might be the real Stanley Cup final.
  • Would Pittsburgh still be playing if Crosby and Malkin were healthy?
  • Hey Brian Burke: the Tampa Bay Lightning managed to go from Cup champs, to cellar-dwellers, and back to elite team status in seven years. How's Toronto's 45-year rebuilding plan coming along?
  • The Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers took an offensive lineman with the final pick of the first round of the NFL draft last night.
  • Investing in players who can keep star quarterback Aaron Rodgers healthy isn't such a bad idea.
  • Aaron Rodgers, you complete me.
  • Brett Favre? Thanks for the memories.
  • The Major A Orioles open the North Regina Little League season tomorrow morning. Should be interesting, considering we've averaged only six players at each of our practices this week!
  • It's the last day for the perogy sandwich special at the Delia Llama. Three guesses what I'll be having for lunch today. Keep the defibrillators on standby!

1 comment:

Bev said...

I listen to Lite92, because I think Greg Morgan's a hoot, and I like the kind of music they play.

Maybe if you tell the Deli Llama how great the perogy sandwich is, they might put it on the regular menu?