Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday thoughts

Maybe some random blogging will get the synapses firing today. Nothing else seems to be working!

  • There's only one thing worse than the Toronto Maple Leafs missing the playoffs, and that's the Montreal Canadians winning playoff games. C'mon Bruins!
  • The Chicago Blackhawks just aren't the same team this spring. It looks like Vancouver will finally get past the Hawks in a playoff series.
  • The J-man's baseball season would normally be starting in a couple of weeks. I wonder if that will have to be pushed back this year?
  • Leave it to the winter of 2010/11 to try to hang around way longer than it should!
  • With this much water around, how bad do you think the mosquitoes will be this year? That could be scary, actually!
  • Less than two months to go until the start of CFL training camps. Football season can't get here soon enough, quite frankly!
  • With Andy Fantuz in NFL limbo, who becomes the Riders' go-to receiver on 2nd down? Chris Getzlaf is a possibility.
  • On the subject of go-to receivers, there are still spots open for Don Narcisse's football camp on May 7th. Check out Narco's website for more information.
  • The Lakeshore Tennis Club is taking registrations for the 2011 season. Wanna play?
  • Former Regina junior star Denise Fernandez is the new club pro at the Lakeshore. I've already dared her to try to improve my backhand. If she can, you'll know she's good!
  • Okay, I've gotten back into a routine with jogging on the treadmill. Is it time to take the show out on the road, literally?
  • Nah, there are already enough potholes around Regina - we don't need my fat carcass causing more of them!
  • The Nissan 350z is a fine looking automobile, don't ya think? I'm just sayin'...

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