Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday musings

It must be a rainy Monday, because there just isn't much happening upstairs! Here's a glimpse at what little there is:

  • Don't look now, but the atom Cougars are 2-0, following a 28-12 victory over the Eskimos. The victory would have been even more one-sided if we hadn't been stopped inside the opponents' five yard line on a couple of occasions.
  • Oh well, that gives us something to work on in practice this week.
  • As we dispose of the Eskimos, the Riders prepare to do the same Saturday in Edmonton.
  • This is the sort of game that used to scare me under the Danny Barrett regime, when the Riders had a penchant for losing to the CFL's weaker sisters.
  • And really, you shouldn't look past any team that has Ricky Ray at quarterback, regardless of how bad the Schmoes have looked this season.
  • With games against Edmonton, Winnipeg and Winnipeg again the next three weeks, the Riders are poised to run their winning streak to four games, heading into a huge home date against Calgary on September 17th.
  • That's good, because Calgary has an awfully soft schedule between now and then as well.
  • Does Montreal fall back to the rest of the pack in the east if Anthony Calvillo is out of action for up to a month? Probably.
  • Congrats to the Regina Thunder, who opened the PFC season with a 32-14 win over the defending champion Edmonton Wildcats.
  • The Regina Pats open their training camp in a few days. And hope springs eternal.
  • Know anybody that repairs appliances? My stove could use a little help.

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