Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Once again this week, we look at impressive (and not so impressive) performers from the world of customer service - and elsewhere.

  • The atom Cougars. The harder we work them, the harder they (well, most of them) work. Sounds simple, but it really isn't.
  • Southland Safeway. They actually stock the products they have listed on the shelves! I know, it shouldn't be a radical concept, but for some retailers (Hi Walmart!), it is.
  • A little guy (first year player) on the Cougars, who comes up to the coaches after EVERY practice - just to thank us for putting the team through their paces. That's very, very cool.


  • The lower life forms who race around downtown Regina (generally on the sidewalks) on their (very likely stolen) bicycles. Called one a douche bag this morning. Felt pretty good.
  • Petcetera. If you never have any of a particular dog food in stock, perhaps you might want to order more of it? Just a thought.
  • The various individuals and businesses listed under "Appliance Repair" in the Yellow Pages. I need my stove fixed. You fix stoves. Any reason you can't return a phone call? Too busy riding your bikes downtown? Douches.

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Bev said...

I've missed a few weeks here, but I'll try to keep this brief.


Hotel Fort Garry in Winnipeg. Impressive. And if you can get the breakfasts included in your room price, go for it. They're totally worth it - especially if you realize that the Sunday brunch would otherwise cost you $45!

The young fellow who came to my house asking if he could do my lawns. He did - including the forest of weeds in the back yard. He totally earned the money I gave him!

Author Gary Corby, whose first book will be out in October. A really nice guy who checked into getting an advanced review copy of his book for a friend of mine. He couldn't, but he tried!

Kendra, who groomed both Koko and Missy last week. Missy is feeling a lot better now, and Koko's looking quite handsome!

The sweet foreign lady who kept calling me, asking me how I was, but couldn't understand that I was a wrong number until she got a translator. I have to admit, one of her calls managed to break me out of a crabby mood. :)


The new Rochdale WalMart Supercentre. What was wrong with the old Walmart, where we could find what we were looking for? Now, not only is there a HUGE grocery area, everything is mixed up so you can't always be sure where you're going to find what you're looking for.

And a mixed Cheer/Jeer:

Red Lobster. I don't care what people say - I still enjoy their food, and their service on Friday was wonderful.

On the other hand, not being able to make reservations is a big inconvenience. Not even being able to go in early to save a table for a large group makes it really difficult for us to go there.

And telling me that 'a lot of places don't accept reservations' doesn't help. I know this - our group goes out weekly to restaurants all over the city. This is why I show up an hour early to get a table. We probably won't be going back to Red Lobster for quite a while. :(

Huh. So much for keeping it short. Sorry.