Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Has it been a week already? Okay, it's time to list those that impressed/depressed us over the past week. Here's my list:


  • The atom Cougars, for opening the RMF season with a win. About half of our players were playing their first ever game of tackle football. That's pretty cool.
  • My son. For reasons too numerous to list.
  • Track and Trail. An excellent selection of running shoes (among many other things) and very good service as an added bonus!


  • Brett Favre. I worshipped him in green and gold. Now he's just an annoying diva.
  • People who air their personal dirty laundry on Facebook. It's a website, not a therapist's office!
  • The CFL bye week. Good for the players and coaches. Sucks for the fans.

Now, the interactive portion of our program. Who or what is on your list this week?


Anonymous said...


Fireside Bistro - Very nice patio, low key place. Execellent food.


Facebook - I love it, but today I could not believe what I witnessed. A FB Friend was tagged in a photo. I have no idea who this person is. The photo was from a teenager she is friends with who actually posted the picture of an abortion. I hit the delete key that's for sure.

Regarding airing personal laundry I agree. When you are using profanity, slamming your ex wife, girlfriend I would really question a person's mental stability.

Anonymous said...

Or at least their maturity, agreed!

But let's not forget those who slam their ex-husbands/boyfriends on Facebook too. Bitterness ain't gender-specific!