Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday musings

Time to start the week with a clear cranial slate! So, here goes:

  • The Edmonton Eskimos are bad, and getting worse. The Riders visit Edmonton next week. This could be fun.
  • It's time to call a spade a spade. The Riders goofed by getting rid of quarterback Drew Tate. He provides Calgary with a very solid back-up to smiling Hank.
  • I guess the Toronto Argos are for real. The question is: does anyone in Toronto care?
  • The atom Cougars opened the Regina Minor Football season with an 18-8 victory over Weyburn. The J-man was a solid contributor on offense from the fullback position.
  • Next up, we take on a very tough (unlike their CFL namesakes) Eskimos squad this weekend.
  • After watching some of the final round of the PGA championship, I can conclude that football has far better looking sideline reporters than golf.
  • It's the middle of August, and I have yet to play tennis at the club I belong to this summer. Something is not right with that picture!
  • Access Communications will have a local sports program in the new broadcast season and yours truly will be involved. However, SportZone is dead. Further details to come.
  • I'm afraid to go visit my friend Kelly in Moose Jaw now. He has a new big screen LED tv. Of course I'm going to want one after I watch sports on his.
  • Dexter the dog looks like he lost half his body weight during his latest visit to the groomer. He's looking lean and mean. Great job Kendra!
  • Who knew Platinum Blonde song lyrics could cause such controversy in the blogosphere? Perhaps next week I'll quote Glass Tiger or something...


Anonymous said...

Don't you be crossing that Thin Red Line Mister. If you do, I won't forget you when you're gone.

Pac58 said...

Oh, you and your Animal Heart!