Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

A weekly look at the stars, and the duds, of customer service and other...stuff.

  • Pawzitive Attitudes - who knew doggie obedience classes could be fun? I sure didn't.
  • The online Learn to Run program at the Running Room. Slowly, but surely, at my own pace and on my own time, I'm inching closer to returning to some semblance of shape. A shape that isn't round, I might add!
  • Bailey Handyman Services. Phelan does good work, for a reasonable price. What more do you want?


  • North Regina Little League. The season is almost over, and they still haven't figured out how to post the standings on their website. Ouch.
  • Suds Full Service Car Wash. They used to do a great job. Those days appear to be over. A poor wash job is one thing, but scuff marks and scratches? That's not cool.
  • Mother Nature. Sure, it sucks to have so many ball games/tennis matches postponed or cancelled, but now I'm hearing some farmers won't even be able to seed their fields this year. That really, really sucks.


Anonymous said...


CKRM Sports Cage - Best call in show by far. Rod and Mitch are pure gold in the chemistry department.

Anonymous said...

I've heard better.

Anonymous said...

SUDS--A joke!

Bev said...


All the people participating in the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay For Life! You're an inspiration, and you ROCK!

Mosaic. Who knew the Kviv pavilion would have shishliki? I didn't, which is sad, because I'd already eaten my fill at the always-tasty Greek pavilion. Next year, shishliki!

Dexter! Who's a sweet guy, with a good-looking haircut and a cute smile. And who was actually able to tire Missy out playing 'chase'!

And Yay, Pawzitive Attitudes!


People who own too many animals to take care of, then let those animals suffer neglect, starvation, and ill health. The Saskatoon SPCA is overwhelmed and needs more volunteers just to help process those 82 poor dogs.

Bev said...

Okay. One more cheer: Rochdale Auto Pro. Good service, good prices. First, they got my car done earlier than they'd thought they would, so I have a car to drive to work tomorrow!

Second... a comparison: Before Christmas, I paid another shop $1000 for winter tires, general winterization, and a few extra problems they found. Yay. I get in the car, and they hadn't touched a broken wiper. Of course, the wiper got worse over the winter and spring.

So now I take my car to Rochdale Auto Pro, and not only do they fix my car at a price quite a bit less than I'd worried it would be, and give me an estimate ($150 cheaper than the other place) for a problem I can get fixed later, they also replaced the wiper without me asking them to, no charge.

Guess where I'm going next time?

Anonymous said...


People might appreciate knowing the name of the other shop, so they can steer clear!

Bev said...

I know, but I can't do that. The owners are friends of my parents, and I would be disowned. Or at least thoroughly castigated. Not sure which would be worse...

Sorry about that, but I'd hate to not be invited to Christmas supper this year...