Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday thoughts

Seriously, this is what passes (substitutes?) for intelligent thought some days:

  • Yes, I too have had enough of the rain.
  • High Impact Wrestling on SportZone. Is the world ready for that?
  • Darian Durant wore a fake cast on his hand to practice today. What a zany jokester!
  • When's the last time a digit caused so much angst in this part of the world? I guess that would be Pierre Trudeau's infamous one-fingered salute!
  • Will there really be CFL football at Mosaic Stadium on Sunday? Can't wait!
  • If the game were held on a rainy day, wouldn't it be nice to have the option of closing the roof? Well? Wouldn't it?
  • The Chicago Blackhawks are deserving Stanley Cup champions. They play the game with style and intensity. Definitely a winning formula.
  • By virtue of Chicago's win, the Toronto Maple Leafs now own the longest Stanley Cup drought, at 43 years (and counting).
  • And the Leafs look poised to hang onto that claim to fame for a while yet!
  • My record as interim head coach of the Major A Twins improved to 3-1 last night. It's a baseball dynasty in the making!
  • However, I'm quite happy to go back to the stress-free existence of an assistant coach for the remainder of the season!
  • I don't really have strong feelings about the graffiti-esque tribute to the 17 year old skateboarder who died in Regina last week. I guess cleaning it up is the right thing to do, though.
  • My question is: did any of his friends learn anything from this tragedy? I hope so.
  • Dogs make neat pets. Why wasn't I informed of this earlier?
  • Speaking of lower life forms, some people will stoop as low as required to cover their own butts. Sad, really. But also not surprising. Or news to any of you, I'm sure.
  • Have a dry weekend, if you can!
  • Wow, I just read on Gregg Drinnan's blog that long-time (and now former) Leader-Post football reporter Darrell Davis suffered a heart attack earlier this week. Get well soon, Double D!

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