Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday musings

This is what I think about on a morning such as this:

  • All hail the champs! Defying the experts and the odds-makers, our Major A Twins are North Regina Little League champs, thanks to a thrilling 9-8 victory over the Red Sox in yesterday's final.
  • The winning run was scored with two out and two on (including the J-man) in the bottom of the sixth (and final) inning. That's enough tension for this guy!
  • Thanks to Curtis Pelletier for bringing me onto the coaching staff. It was challenging (some parents should be required to pass an IQ test before being permitted to breed) at times, but in the end, very rewarding.
  • I learned one very important thing this season. When it comes to coaching baseball, I really do know a fair bit about football...
  • Speaking of, plans are coming together very well for the 2010 edition of the RMF atom Cougars.
  • The J-man starts speed training for football tonight. I imagine he'll be thrilled with that development. Yes, dad will do the training with him.
  • The Riders' home opener on Thursday night still isn't sold out? Granted, it's not the ideal night for a football game, but it is a Grey Cup rematch for Piffles' sake! EDIT: It is a sellout now. Excellent!
  • If you haven't had the pleasure yet, you really should get out to watch the next High Impact Wrestling extravaganza (July 16). It is. . . an experience.
  • And to be inducted into Principal Richard Pound's Honour Roll is indeed an honour. One I will do my best to live up to for the remainder of my days.
  • However, I suspect the organizers won't repeat their mistake of putting a microphone in my hands, as they did Friday night.
  • As a result, my apologies to Rob Vanstone and Mitchell Blair for casting public aspersions on their otherwise rock-solid reputations...


Bev said...

Congrats on the championship! The team had terrific coaching!

Mitchell Blair said...

You didn't make Vanstone and I cry like Principal Pound did to that child in what might have been one of the best sporting moments in recent history.