Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday musings

Well, I'm sitting at the computer. May as well write something!

  • I hate sitting through exhibition football games. Especially the second half, where I have to try to assess the performances of players none of us will ever see again!
  • I'm sure the Riders are disappointed with yesterday's 19-17 loss to the B.C. Lions, but it really doesn't matter. Except of course to the players who get sent home as a result of their performances. Or lack thereof.
  • Did you see former Rider GM Roy Shivers on the Lions' sideline? I wonder what the leather-lunged denizens of the lower rows on the east side were saying to "the Shiv"?
  • Hugh Charles looks ready to take on a bigger role in the running game this year.
  • Ryan Dinwiddie looks to have a firm grasp on the #2 quarterback job.
  • Kent Smith actually beat out Todd Reesing in training camp? How bad must Reesing have been?
  • Aaron Fairooz might be a heck of a receiver, but he went down with his second injury of training camp yesterday. Hopefully he's not made of glass, but I have to wonder.
  • Joe Sykes showed me nothing at defensive end yesterday. The best ends were Luc Mullinder and Shomari Williams. Brent Hawkins gets his chance to shine next Sunday in Calgary.
  • Rookie LB Byron Bullock earned himself a job yesterday, in my opinion.
  • Luca Congi outpunted Louie Sakoda. Go figure.
  • It's time to start weeding out some offensive linemen, so that the guys who are actually going to play can develop some chemistry. The Rider running game was a rumour yesterday, and the pass protection wasn't much better.
  • The slice of Western Pizza the J-man and I shared before the game was also mediocre. Mind you, it is the preseason!
  • The between-play public address audio levels were all over the place! The ads for the Wolf were painfully loud/overmodulated.
  • Evan Bray was his usual dulcet self on public address, but I think his spotter has lost a step. Or three.
  • The North Regina Little League regular season ends with the Twins in first place in the Major A division. Go figure.
  • Dexter the dog is developing a bit of a stubborn streak. No idea where he gets that from!
  • You should definitely sign up for a membership at Gold's Gym, and tell them I referred you. No really, you should.
  • I think I want some Under Armour sunglasses for football season (watching and coaching). Where in Regina can I get some?

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Bev said...

Congrats on the win! The Twins must have had a great coach behind them. Good job!

Aww. Dexter's feeling comfortable enough in his new home to become assertive! Just remember - you are in charge. If it gets too much, that can be worked on. But, like cats, dogs do have minds of their own. :)