Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

I may not have much to offer this week (even less than usual!). It's tough to offer much of an assessment when so much of the past week was spent sick in bed! But, let's see where this goes...

  • New York Giants. I may not like their team, but they won the Super Bowl fair and square. Obviously they're doing something right to win two titles in four years.
  • Rice pudding. When you're hanging by a thread, and cooking isn't an option, rice pudding makes a darn fine comfort food.
  • A quick plug for Steve Ryan - brother of NFL punter Jon, and a darn fine football player in his own right. Steve has started a new career as a mortgage broker for the Mortgage Group. Give him a shout at 501-9085.


  • The creepy obsession some fans (fanatics?) have with the pending free agent status of Rider receiver Andy Fantuz. He'll sign where he signs, and the Riders will either be glad, or respond accordingly. Try to relax.
  • The Chicken Little segment of the Regina Pats fan base. Yes, the Pats haven't played well recently, but they're still a virtual lock to make the playoffs. If they don't, then let the hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth begin.
  • There. Their. They're. Three different words. Three different meanings. Seriously, is it that damn hard to figure out?


Bev said...

Being sick sucks. :(

Cheers to:

- Rochdale Auto Pro - I know, I cheered them before, but in the last semi-warm spell, I discovered that they'd filled my empty windshield wiper reservoir with being asked and without even saying anything to me. So grateful!

- Beer Bros - They always have good food, but after some social media chatting with their chef, I found that they had gluten-free pizza again. They make the best blue cheese and mushroom pizza EVER.

- My92.1 radio station and Smitty's, for letting me win $30 worth of gift certificates for Smitty's. My friend, her son and I had a very nice lunch there.

- The very understanding vets and vet techs at the Animal Clinic of Regina who take such good care of my elderly dog.

- The groomer at Petcetera who let me bring my foster dog in for a haircut, and is now trying to help me find a home for her. She was really gentle with the dog, and very nice.

And I have to agree about the rice pudding!


- This stupid bug that's going around, making it hard to get anything done.

- Arthritis. Especially arthritis in dogs. It sucks, because they don't know why it hurts. :(

Those have to be the two most stressful things I've had to deal with this week.

Hope you feel better soon!

Bev said...

Oh, and I forgot: The best part of the Super Bowl was Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl! Cheers to Fumble, the Most Valuable Puppy!

(And I can guarantee the kitty half-time show was much cuter than the Super Bowl one. :) )