Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday thoughts

Idle thoughts on the cusp of Super Bowl weekend:

  • There sure is a lot of angst over the eventual whereabouts of pending CFL free agent Andy Fantuz. Everyone's questions will be answered in two weeks, so no point getting bent out of shape until then!
  • So the Rider offensive line will have at least one new player at tackle with the release of Alex Gauthier. Dan Goodspeed has survived the purge? Go figure.
  • I suppose I'll cheer for the Patriots Sunday. I really, really, really dislike the New York Giants. And that was even before they knocked the Packers out of the playoffs!
  • A healthy Rob Gronkowski could run roughshod over the Giants secondary. But he can't be at full speed after suffering a high ankle sprain only two weeks ago.
  • Lots of people are wondering who the new radio voice of the Regina Pats will be, once Dan Plaster moves into a community relations role with the Riders later this month. Those in the know seem to think CKRM's Phil Andrews is the front-runner.
  • Nothing against Phil, but why not give Mitch "Scruffy" Blair a shot? He's done both hockey play-by-play and communications before, and he's available.
  • Not that I'd want to lose Mitch as my Locker Talk co-host, mind you! The world ain't ready for a steady diet of Our Man Carlo!
  • Speaking of diets, I estimate I've been sick for about a week, and have lost 5-6 pounds. If I can stretch this thing out for a couple of months, we could really have something!
  • Tentative plans have been made to attend Saturday night's roller derby debauchery at the Agribition Building. I am all about culture and refinement.
  • I'm also looking forward to getting together with Rider o-lineman Marc Parenteau this weekend and picking his brain about coaching young hoggies. Methinks there's lots of good info/ideas rattling around in that old Boston College noggin!
  • Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the darkest day in my recent personal history. Miss you mom!
  • On a brighter note, July holiday plans with the J-man have been confirmed. Now I await the (hopefully) inevitable seat sales!
  • On second thought, I was wrong. It's not me - it's you!

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