Monday, February 06, 2012

Monday musings

Hazy Monday thoughts and such:

  • The Super Bowl wasn't really all that super. An exciting finish made up for an otherwise meh contest.
  • (swallows hard) Eli Manning is an elite NFL quarterback, who now has more championship rings than his brother Peyton. Go figure.
  • I suppose there's some solace for the Packers in knowing they lost to the eventual champs. Yeah, right!
  • Thoughts on the half-time show? I'm not a Madonna fan by any means, but she did put on a pretty entertaining show. Quite a spectacle, actually.
  • Best Super Bowl commercial: my vote goes to the vampire party ad from Audi, although the Doritos (missing cat) ad was pretty darn funny too!
  • Most of the weekend plans were scuttled, due to the virus/infection from hell. When your back hurts from coughing so often/so violently, you know it's a good one!
  • My only comfort was in having my trainer cancel our Saturday session because he was too ill. Take that, vegan boy!
  • And thank you to my good friend Shari for bringing over a much-appreciated care package Saturday. Literally a life-saver!
  • What's going on with the Regina Pats? Pat Conacher's crew better turn things around soon, or a WHL playoff spot will be in jeopardy.
  • Watch the fans howl over the decision not to trade Jordan Weal if that happens!
  • Can Sam Gagner continue his torrid scoring streak, or will James Reimer notch his third straight shutout? We'll find out when the Leafs take on the Oilers tonight.
  • Congrats to Locker Talk correspondent Carlo Palazzo for finally popping the question this weekend. And more importantly, for somehow convincing Rhea to say yes!
  • Damn, future meetings of the Regina chapter of the He-man Woman Haters Club (credit: Our Gang, 1937) are gonna be lonely!

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